Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 Musical Ladies


A baker’s dozen hit the fields of NoToll on a cool spring morning for a little fun with the bluetooth speaker and YHC’s ladies.  A variety of layers for the PAX today with Wilson offering some of his multiple hoodie layers to some of the cold blooded among us.  A couple guys noticed the Q had no gloves, running?, no just warmer weather and the soft grass fields.


Mosey to the parking lot for a warm up of DQ, IW, Helicopter, SSH (speed round).  Somehow we hit 40 really fast, thanks Hardywood.

Mosey to the pavilion to pick up the speaker and to introduce Sally.  For those that don’t know, listen to Flower by Moby – Every time you hear “Bring Sally up” go to merkin up position, “Bring Sally Down” low merkin position (try not to hit the ground).

Lindsey – Lunges/Bear Crawl steps – 30 lunges, 10 bear crawl steps run the rest of the way across the field.  repeat with 25/15, 20/20, 15/25 and 10/30.

Proud Mary (CCR) – This is a new one to YHC but it was in the lexicon.  WWII until the chorus “rolling…” Crunchy Frogs during the chorus, switch to FK until “rolling…” again back to Crunchy Frogs, back to WWII.

Nicole – Forgot about her until Gumbo reminded me yesterday.  10 minutes of 10 decline merkins, 20 ball dippers and a lap around the field.  Repeato until time

Roxanne – Simple instructions, run in place until you hear Roxanne, burpee for every Roxanne.

Circle of Mary – APD, American Hammer, FM, Cross Leg Lifts, Superman – throw some Diamond Merkins and Hillbillies in for fun.

Mosey back to the flag to meet the ab version of Sally – 6 inches to Heels to Heaven – Only got through about half of this one before Wilson’s internal “Dogs and Kids” alarm went off.


HDHH – 5/16 Independence Golf – Range balls and drinks, range closes at 630 – See Gumbo

Golf Tournament – 5/18 forethecause.org See Wilson

Shaved Heads – Shakedown and Mr. Holland – Donate

Puppy Pile – 5/19 7:05 am at Dogpile See Upchuck


As Honeymoon so plainly said YHC brought out “all the ho’s” this morning.  YHC has been waiting for a dry day to bring the speaker and give Sally and the others another shot at the PAX.  They did not disappoint.  Not as much music as Wilson’s stage Q but more movement too.  Good luck to the PAX today keeping one or all of those songs out of your head.  Glad we finished up with Sally since that one is the most likely to stick.

Thanks for letting me lead this morning, good fun.

Have a great day.



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  1. Sounds fantastic! Where are the photos of Wilson and Hardywood in their Richard Simmons jazzercise outfits?

  2. Sugar Sock on

    In college in the 90s, I remember relaxing to “Flower” and drinking games to “Roxanne.” Both likely happened at 5-6 am, but the circumstances were very different. It seems I have a new set of memories to go with those songs now. Way to keep us moving Rosie! I’m smoked.

  3. Been a while since Nicole was out at NoToll, I remember her taking longer than 10 minutes. Guess we’re getting older.

  4. Ladies’ Gloom at NoToll sponsored by Rosie. Well done. Each of Rosie’s ladies brings her own special kind of pain and suffering. Apologies for reminding him about Nicole…she was my first. You never forget your first!

    You other SOJers better post to River Run on Mondays or else Rosie and I have 45 minutes to discuss ways to bring pain to our bootcamp Qs.

  5. Traditionally 20 minutes…they only got half of Nicole’s wrath today. She had to share the dance floor with Rosie’s other ladies.

  6. I recently had some inspiration for something new while my boys were running around the playground there…

  7. Good question. I will not. Seeing the shoulder DR tomorrow, so we will see what he says.

  8. Great Q Rosie! That was a smoker for sure. I have no interest to hear from Sally again!!

  9. Wilson_RVA on

    Rosie – Damn those women, but what a great workout! My layers are always available to the PAX! My hamstrings are still feeling sore for some reason…………oh yeah. #runningsucks Have a great week fellas!