Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Booyah Brothers!


9 fighters stormed into the Atlee High School parking lot (one LIFO…) with a mission to engage in some entertainment that went something like this…

Mosey to the wall on the far side of the school for some Balls To The Wall and “Ball Jacks”…

Mosey to one of the basketball courts.

COP – All IC – 30 SSHs, 10 merkins, 20 imperial walkers, 15 copperhead squats, 10 don quixotes, arm circles, 30 SSHs.

Mosey to the track

Love Circle – Partner up, one partner runs the track while the other exercises moving forward until the partner runs around the track and then switch. Three exercises – lunge, bear crawl, broad jumps.

Mosey to the middle school parking lot.

Burpee suicides – One partner does the burpee suicide while other does Freddie Mercuries. Switch.

Mosey back to the flag. All IC – 20 flutter kicks, 15 american hammers, 10 heels to heaven, hold 6 inches.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out.


  • Summer challenge – Hit every AO in between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend
  • Reese Strong 5K in September
  • VQ for Pick Two tomorrow morning at MannDate
  • Let’s EH some guys – there are no excuses now that it is warmer and lighter outside!


Every F3 mornings provides a new adventure and today was no exception. The PAX was ready to roll at 5:29 am with Phonics arriving right at 5:29 am as usual. The PAX had a Lab Rat truck sighting at 5:30 am and took off. YHC called an audible and had the PAX go Balls To the Wall until Lab Rat showed up. Upon arrival, the PAX engaged in what we called “Ball Jacks” that seemed like upside down SSHs…

The mumble chatter was loud and frequent this morning, especially involving Lab Rat. Spit kept barking at Lab Rat across the COP in light of Lab Rat’s no-show for the HoeDown ghost flag mission. After awhile, YHC felt like he was listening to his children fighting at home. At F3, we bring about reconciliation in a different kind of way. YHC brought Spit and Lab Rat to the center for some Booyah merkins in order to force them together. They seemed to get along again after that after being declared “Booyah Brothers”. Lab Rat kept talking it up to Phonics, however, so YHC decided to call for SSHs with the intention of continuing them until Lab Rat stopped talking… YHC was ready to roll out as many 300 SSHs if he kept talking but Lab Rat stopped at the 10% mark (that’s 30 for the math majors out there).

The Love Circle provided ample opportunities for mumble chatter and pain. Spike and Phonics lit up the track with record speeds with Spit right in the mix. YHC was in awe of how much terrain Helix covered during his bear crawl stretch. Unbelievable!

The rest of the morning was mostly uneventful and the PAX finished strong. I am grateful for every morning that we get to go out there and hammer out these workouts together!

The Carpenter


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  1. Great Q Carpenter. Not sure how those Balls Jacks are supposed to work but whatever I was doing wasn’t working.

    Much love to you Lab Rat!

  2. Carpenter, that workout was no joke! It was especially humbling running behind (well behind) Phonics, Spike, and Spit. Those guys are on fire!

  3. I was happy to be out, when I am happy I talk. If I am silent, it usually means I am pissed off about something.

    BTW, I had every intention of going to Hoedown, but never heard from another soul from DaVille, so I took the day off. Little did I know that fb blew up with messages Sunday night.

    Great work, happy to see Pick2 back in the mix.

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