Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

05/04/1918…..To Honor Granny!


YHC arrived to Twin Team with a full night of sleep and a Q that took on a special meaning for me and my M and her family today. Gumbo was already on location. YHC planted the flag with 7 men posting for a glorious Q. 0530…YHC deciding to run a slow loop around the front of BWES in hopes of picking up any late arrivals…..0533-Roscoe comes barreling into the parking lot. Mr. Roper loops back to pick him up and meet PAX at The Swamp. Sunrise a few moments away….good golly miss molly. Freakin beautiful!

COP- x5 helicopters, x 4 arm circles, x 18 merkins, x 3 invisible jump ropes, x 6 Russian Soldiers, x 13 LBC’s, x 22 SSH. Half way through, Rosie states, “some sort of reason for the numbers..” Correct Rosie! My M’s great grandmother, Granny, turns 100 today. 5/4/1918. And 3 children, 6 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, 22 great-great grandchildren! Mosey to the football field.

Millennium– 10 different workouts, 100 reps, with 100 yard run between each workout. First Pax member to 100 on the named workout calls out, than 100 yard run to the other side of the field. 1-SSHx100, 100 yard run. 2- Freddie Mercuries x100, 100 yard run. 3- Mountain Climbers 2 count x 100, 100 yard run. 4- Heals to Heaven x 100, 100 yard run. 5- Copperhead Squats x 100, 100 yard run. 6- Merkins x 100, 100 yard run. 7- Russian Soldiers x 100, 100 yard run. 8- Alabama Prom Dates x 100, 100 yard run. 9- Box Cutters x 100, 100 yard run. 10- Burpees x 100, 100 yard run. BOOM….1000 reps and 1000 yards run!

Mosey to track entrance. x 25 LBC’s and 1 lap around the track AYG. Mosey back to the flag in the most direct way possible. Ring of Fire—Iron Cross (on your six, head up, arms ups) with 10 flutter kicks. Times up!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements:

HDHH on May 16th, Independence Golf Course….target range, excuse me, golf ball striking on the range in prep for Wilson’s tourney. 1730-1830 with drinks and snacks afterwards at Tavern 19. Shakedown wants to shave his head….St. Baldricks’ Foudation. There is a link somewhere on F3 site or see Shakedown. Wilson’s golf tourney May 18th!

YHC took us out!

Naked Mole Skin: When YHC was planning the Q, Millennium immediately came to mind because the AO is awesome and earlier light. It was not till last night when YHC’s M said, hey that is for Granny’s birthday! Subconscious and from God’s Blessings! My M’s great-grandmother is far more than the matriarch. She still lives in the home, she and her husband purchased in 1939. She still writes all birthday and Christmas cards, in cursive no doubt. Still tends to her flower garden and makes blackberry jam! Flatline, M. and 2.0’s are traveling this weekend for a glorious, epic, super birthday party to celebrate Granny!!

Gumbo…one armed, arm circles just don’t look right. Reminds me of Nemo!! YHC cranked out 100 burpees with PAX hoping Rosie or YHC finished sooner. YHC thought about an audible at 50. But not this morning, 100 burpees to honor Granny is the least I can do!!

Gentlemen, with the moon fading and the sun rising, thank you for following and honoring Granny! YHC will always remember THIS workout! Count your blessings boys because it can always be worse!! We are given a short time on this earth so make it count, leave nothing on the table, and we are capable of great things!!

Only those who post understand!

Loud and Proud.



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  1. Sugar Sock on

    Flatline, great Q man. Enjoyed honoring your Granny, she sounds like an amazing woman.
    Safe travels this weekend!

  2. Much respect to Granny and to the pax that completed this beatdown! Great job!

  3. Much Respect to Granny, indeed! Wish her a hearty happy birthday from F3RVA. Great meaning to this morning’s workout. And, great work by Rosie, Flatline, Offshore and others who cranked out the 100 on various exercises.

    Gotta say, I felt a little off balance after the 1-armed arm circles. Don’t expect any of those at Dogpile tomorrow.

  4. Great Q Flatline! Give my regards to Granny – 100 years is serious! Next time can we celebrate….say…you niece or nephew turning 10 or so? I mean, going double digits is important too. Thanks for circling back for me Roper.

  5. That was a smoker Flatline, great way to honor Granny. Safe travels this weekend.

  6. Man what a Q Flatline. I can see the millennium making another appearance in the very near future. Kudos to Granny for being the same age as my golf score. Here’s to getting it all out, digging a little deeper and being super.

  7. Something tells me Granny would be all for doing just 3 imaginary jump ropes and getting on to 100 burpees.