Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Precision Timing


Four rested and ready runners arrived for a run around the river.  Regular route for the run.


First hot day of running in Richmond.  Weather was north of ninety at the start, but humidity was low.  Launched with plenty of cold water and the bubblers are now on around the trails so water is plentiful.  Lots of sweat, but no overheating issues today.  YHC did not follow EF Hutton’s lead and wear the headgear and had a sweat in the eye problem.  For a few minutes crossing the bridge at the end when the sun was in my eyes, I was running with my eyes closed because the sweat was burning so much..  I won’t neglect to wear something to keep the sweat out of the eyes next time.

Gomer Pyle texted Swirly that he was running four minute late for the run, but was on his way.  We all waited patiently for his arrival.  When he emerged from the car, it was exactly 5:34:00 GMT on both Swirly and YHC’s watch.  That is what I call precision timing.  Pretty impressive.




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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run guys. First few miles were a struggle, but settled in after that and had a good pace going. Fun to try to catch up with EF and Swirly.

  2. Highly recommend anyone looking to embrace the heat/ suck or just trying get in some miles to head to Roller Coaster whether at Hillcrest or the Trails on Wednesday afternoon. Always an a$$kicker, but absolutely will make you better for doing it.

  3. Gomer Pyle on

    I really didn’t expect you all to wait. Thanks gents.

    Great to be back.