Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Merkin form on display


Seven studs slid their way through the morning dew at Heartbreak Ridge to try and answer the eternal question: what is the best way to perform a merkin. We started with:

COP – Imperial Walkers, Don Qs, Helicopters, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, Lbcs. 

Grab a bench- 15 Derkins, 15 Ball Dippers, then run the parking lot. Repeato.

mosey to hill formerly known as Honeysuckle hil. Polar bear up, down then 20 WWII situps. Backwards run up, 20 Heels2Heaven, Crab Walk up, 20 Freddy Mercurys.

Mosey to Basketball court. Run length, 25 Donkey Kicks. 5 Burpees on other end. Repeato but increase to 10 Burpees.

Down to Jerkin Gym- 3 Sets of 8. Grab a bench – 50 Benchkicks, 20 Derkins. 2 more times decreasing Benchkicks by 10. 

Back to flag for Mary, and close with RoF. Atilla took us out.

NMS – Mr Holland arrived to make it an uneven 7 on the initial mosey. Vinny suggested some Scorpion Kicks with some modifications. Those will have to be tested in the Corporate R&D lab before dropping on the pax. Handshake and Gomer Pyle both are back to for after nursing their ankle injuries.

At Honeysuckle Hill a police car pulled in but used his loudspeaker to tell us to carry on. This continues our good relationship with the boys in blue at HBR. The high volume of Benchkicks was appreciated by the pax.

During the mosey back to the flag Mr Holland asked the pax about preferred Merkin hand placement. Many suggestions ensued with comments of lock your wrists, should blades touching, parallel planes, etc. Somewhere Toga is smiling…

The Dew was thick this morning with hands and feet soaked. May this be the last long sleeve morning in the gloom for a while, but the legs are always SOP. Silent Assassin signing off.


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  1. Nothing like a little Venice Beach style Merkin demonstration in the parking lot post workout to peak the curiosity of school employees. That, and a loud speaker announcement from one of Henrico’s finest, made for great chatter this AM. I really enjoyed one last shot at frostbite of the fingers. That was another added bonus. Honeydoo crushed the legs today, silently of course. Modified scorpion kicks are currently under construction.

  2. Flashdance on

    Hand placement is not the issue for the Merkin = flashdance merkin = Flerkin

  3. Sorry to miss, fellas. Sounds like a good one.

    May 19 is the next 2.0 workout. 7:05 am after Dogpile. Come on out and introduce your 2.0s to F3!!

  4. Thanks for the NCO complement. A clipboard sounds like work someone should be paid to do while Os stand around and plan the next objective.

    The more important completion of that chatter is that if your current form Merkin is too easy, make it harder – get stronger. #handrelease

  5. After the five oh contribution… “I WILL GO AROUND”

    HoneyDo “YOU BETTER”

    I will never forget it.