Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Leave Individually, Return Together


Four men entered the grounds of Atlee High School to start of the week with a walk or run.  They left with 3 different routes but returned together.

The Route:

Mudface and No Idea started before 5:30 AM and walked/ran the grounds of Atlee High School.

Circle K left at 5:30 AM and walked the grounds of Atlee High School.

Phonics ran the same route as a week ago to explore King’s Charter, Honey Meadows, and the trails of Atlee High School.  Take school loop – Right onto Honey Meadows Drive.  Left onto Meadows Pond Drive.  Left into King’s Charter.  Take left onto Hopkins Branch Way.  Left onto Kings Charter Drive.  Run to Atlee Station Road.  Turn around and take Left onto Spring Ivy Lane.  Right onto Kings Charter Drive.  Left onto Hopkins Branch Way.  Run into Honey Meadows and take right.  Take left onto Honey Meadows Drive.  Run to end and take Honey Meadows Trails back to Atlee High School Trails.

All 4 men walked back to VSF together.

COT – Numberama, Name-o-rama, Circle K took us out.


Circle K and YHC arrived just before the 5:30 AM to find that Mudface and No Idea had already left.  Because Circle K had completed his mud run marathon a few days beforre, he planned on walking the grounds of Atlee.  YHC then left for a solo run.  As YHC came back onto the grounds of Atlee High School, he saw Mudface, No Idea, and Circle K walking together just passed the football field parking lot.  YHC caught up to them and all walked back together.  This walk was a great way to end the morning run.


Congratulations to Circle K and his M for their completion of the trail marathon this past weekend!

There will be a change of traffic pattern at some point this week near the construction on Atlee Road/Atlee Station.   Hopefully this means that we are close to the opening of the Atlee extension which will give the Tomato Run more route options.

Gotta Run!





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