Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Largest Baby Ever


17 Strong Broke free of the Fart Sack on a beautiful morning to post at No Toll This morning.

Mosey to Back lot


SSH x 20

5 Burpees OYO

Copperhead Squats x 10

5 burpees OYO

DQ x 10

Helicopters x 10

LBC x 20

Merkins x 10

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to back field

Partner Up – Modified Beast

1 Partner does the Beast (6x6x6 exercise up and back) 1 Partner does base exercise, then flip, each partner does 3 runs total.

Round 1 – Runner does Burpee, Baseline does WWII

Round 2 – Runner does 2 Count Freddie Mercury, Baseline does Jump Squats

Round 3 – Runner does Merkins, Baseline does LBCs

Plank wait for PAX in between sets.

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to Pavilion

Choose Different Partner for Proper Dora

1 Burpee/2 Merkins/3 WWII = 1 Rep

1 Partner runs field and back, 1 does Proper Doras until switching – As a team do a total of 50 – YHC Modified to 40 due to time.

Al Gore for six.

2 more Burpees OYO.  – This completed 22 Burpees OYO for the birth of YHC daughter who weighed a healthy 7lbs 15oz at birth.   Yes I said it wrong at first, my wife did not have a 15lbs 7oz baby, sorry sleep has not come too often here lately.

Mosey to Basketball Courts

7 Burpees OYO for YHC previous mistake

Regular Suicide

Wilson finds a Basketball – Misses 3 pointer so 2 Burpees OYO

Run Backwards Suicide

Rosie turn to shoot, drills a 3 pointer – no burpees

Ladder Suicide – 2 merkins at first line, increase by 2 at each line

Rosco shoots final shot, misses, 2 Burpees OYO

Mosey to flag – PAX pick up trash on way to help keep No Toll clean!

Numberrama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


Nancy Lopez (who is Wilsons cousin) will be at his golf tourney May 18th.  Make sure you sign up.  www.forethecause.org

Shakedown is shaving heads for cancer research, see him for details.  Respect Shakedown!


It was a great morning to get out and workout with our brothers!  With today marking  1 year for YHC, there was no way he was going to let anyone else grab this Q.  Great mumble chatter this morning with everyone.  Good to see everyone that I haven’t see in a few weeks from being out.  Great partnering with HW and DK on the beast as well as Honeymoon on the doras.  Rosie and Hardywood were fun to watch on the suicides, flatout they can just move faster than most of us, strong work fellas!  Wilson was quick to point out the proper dora rotation was incorrect but he would do it anyway, strong work dude.  Flatline re-affirmed the no foul language rule with Rosco, YHC is on board, I like it.  Yes YHC did say his wife had a 15lb 7oz baby at first, it was a HUGE mistake, pun intended.  The M gave birth to 7lb 15oz Millie Grace Wells 2 weeks ago and everyone is healthy!  YHC appreciates all of the text, calls and messages during the past few weeks!  Also, thank you for the PAX picking up a few pieces of trash on the way back to the flag, we are lucky to have beautiful places to workout, glad we could help keep it clean.

Lastly, YHC had a many thoughts leading up to the 1 year mark with F3, but mainly the word BLESSED kept coming up.  Ill leave you with a few of my blessings.

Blessed to have a healthy family, now plus 1 more /  Blessed to have employment / Blessed to have a roof over my head and food on my table / Blessed to be a part of the amazing group  of F3 men who define the word brotherhood.

Count your blessings boys, they are all around you!  Have a great day!!




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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, Duke. Happy 1 Year F3versary…and congrats on the birth of Millie Grace!
    Proper Dora’s are the best.

  2. Congrats Duke – on the 1 year and the new addition! Sorry I missed it – well not that sorry, proper dora’s and burpees would have further destroyed the shoulder.

    Amen on the Blessings Brother…well said!

    Great to see Boudreau and Beaker and SinBin post…its May boys, let’s get those Kotters back out and EH some FNGs!

  3. Congrats on the 1 year Duke. Glad to hear Millie Grace and mother are doing well.

  4. Congrats on Millie Grace and your one year anniversary, Marmaduke! Looks like a nice beat down!

  5. Wilson_RVA on

    Duke – I’m spent. Well done today. It was a smoker. I would say that I was more complaining about the Dora than correcting. Either way my granny 3 point with gloves needs work for sure. Sorry guys. Happy anniversary Duke and I am looking forward to the next Marmaduke Q! And you never know who will show at Wilson’s golf tournament (maybe we should suggest a rename – sounds better than Galactosemia. #runningsucks

  6. Glad to have you back out in the gloom Marmaduke! You’ve been missed…but duty certainly called. Great Q this morning…enjoyed the beat down and your well-said words of blessings.

  7. Great job Duke, congrats on 1 year. Glad to hear Millie Grace and the M are doing well. Lots of burpees today, glad I called bank on the three. Kotters to Boudreaux, Sin Bin and Beaker. Hope you boys make it back again soon.

  8. Great Q, marmaduke. Good to see you out again and congrats on the little one.
    Those proper doras are no joke, and neither are 400 burpees. That’s how many we did, right?

  9. Boom goes the Dynamite! What a smokefest. Congrats Duke for growing your tribe, that is a very lucky girl. Thanks for closing it out from the heart and for clearing up the confusion about the birth of a sasquatch baby.

  10. Great to see you back Duke; it just isn’t the same withoutcha’. Counting your blessings is a excellent way to be the man God calls you to be; I will be supporting that thought. Remember, the best way to love a child is to love her mother. Press on in the cause of fatherhood and model God’s trustworthiness and mercy for Mollie Grace!

  11. Flashdance on

    2 clap BOOM nice work today fellas, Its a blessing to be able to laugh and share our stories. Contrats on the 1 year!!! I was at your 6m celebration and this sucked way more. Do you have your year and half planned out already DUKE?

    Much gratitude

  12. thanks, rosie – probably need a couple of days to recover after that beatdown, but I’ll catch you next week

  13. Way to go, Duke!

    Reminder for the PAX…

    May 19 is the next 2.0 workout. 7:05 am after Dogpile. Come on out and introduce your 2.0s to F3!!

  14. Congratulations on your first anniversary and more importantly on the birth of Millie Grace.I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the last year.

  15. Marmaduke, all is out after your Q, fo sho!! I thought I missed the World Record Baby news flash! With several of our friends having issues, seeing a full moon than the sunrise is an exclamation point to counting my blessings!! ‘Duke-enjoy these precious, tiny moments because they are fleeting!
    Men, every day, countem!!
    Loud and Proud!