Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dear Diary


All apologies to my F3 brothers and for any disruptions to our quantitative models.  Don’t let the backblast silence fool you – we’ve continued the evening Punisher during April 2018.  Among our group, we’ve discussed having a bit more of a run orientation during the warmer months because the weather is nicer (and because the school playground is full of kids during warm afternoons).  We’re still mixing in some bootcamp time.

Monday, April 2nd – Tricycle makes an appearance along with YHC, Change Order, and Sonny.  As a group, we run west on Laburnum Avenue, south on Westwood, west/southwest on Westwood Trace, and west on Tomlynn Street near the CSX tracks and then backtrack to Linwood Holton Elementary.  We follow with a some leg and chest work and some Mary and finish with the COT.

Monday, April 9th – Sonny and Nightcrawler jointly Q and complete loops in Bellevue and Laburnum Park.

Monday, April 16th – YHC and Sonny jog to the School first, then on to Bryan Park for a loop around the Azalea Gardens.  Near the Bellevue Avenue bridge, we complete a few hill repeats and head for home, finishing with a brief COT.

Monday, April 23rd – YHC, Nightcrawler, and Change Order mosey through Laburnum Park to the Zacharias Ganey/Veritas School parking lot.  We complete several rounds of Merkins, Squats, and LBCs along with some parking lot loops and return to Holton for a COT.



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