Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Near Miss and a Jenny Craig/Roper Sighting


3 River Run Regulars posted with LugNut rolling in right at 0530.  Greeted by sub-40 degree temps once again, it turned out to be a beautiful morning for a run.  Instructions were given…”yes, turn by the dog…” and off we went.

General route was up Twin Team (why not right?), add a mile loop through Powderham (Drakewood, Glendower, Ellesmere) and out across Robious and down the Ashwell hill in Tarrington for a great view (as expected) of the cloud cover over the river.  Where was Shakedown when we needed him?

As Rosie and I got into Powderham and turned right onto Drakewood off of Cawood, even though we were on the edge and almost in the ditch, a groggy driver in a silver Suburban cut the lefthand turn so damn tight that he/she? almost took us out.  Rosie could have tapped on the window without even extending his arm…close call avoided, narrowly.

Next, as we descended Ashwell hill, two bikers were churning hard coming up the hill…Good Morning Jenny Craig and Mr. Roper.  Way to get after it boys.  Great to see JC out and about.  He has been kotters while nursing a wonky knee.  Hopefully we will see him back out officially soon.

COT, Number-rama, Name-o-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Wilson’s golf tourney – May 18.  Get on a team and get out there.  Always a great time.
  • May Breaking Bread is 5/27 (Memorial Day weekend) – Upchuck stepped up to Q.  If you are in town and can lend a hand, reach out to Upchuck.
  • HDHH – Wednesday, May 16 – meet at Independence Golf Course between 5:30 and 6:30 (range closes at 6:30) to hit some golf balls on the range (if you want).  Hang out for drinks/food there at Tavern 19 afterwards.  Come get some swings in before Wilson’s golf tourney that Friday.

Great run this morning gents.   Twin Team always gets the blood pumping in overdrive.  Rosie and I were discussing the lingering soreness from Spit’s epic beatdown at Dogpile — yes, I’m still sore.  Well done Spit.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. Great to see the sunrise this morning, enjoyed the run Gumbo.
    The driver was definitely a he and had a dark suit on. My headlamp was shining directly on him as I jumped out of the way. Just a reminder that reflective gear and lights don’t always work to alert groggy drivers. Stay alert on the runs boys.

  2. Nice run guys and really glad the suburban was only a scare.
    Don’t feel bad- I am still sore from Spit’s dogpile too. I was going to get after it somewhere this morning to try and get things limbered back up but then when I woke up I was a different kind of sore from …3 or 4 beers last night? …and fartsacked. 3-4 though? What’s happened to me?