Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4,3,2…….do what?


YHC was awoken last night to A LOT OF RAIN and immediately thought-no escaping this-does YHC wear the complete rain proof gear or minimal clothing and let it happen! SO BLESSED this am that the rain held off. YHC arrived at AO 0522 to empty parking lot but Rosie soon followed with Mr. Roper not far behind. Flag was planted!! 0530, time to mosey…..wait, 2 more cars come in HOT with Bullseye and Roscoe. Sweet, 5 stalwarts posted to Twin Team this am for another YHC 45 minutes of fun!!

Mosey to front of stadium for COP: Helicopters x 10, Imperial Walkers x 12, Copperhead Squats x 14, SSH x 16, LBC x 18. Recover and mosey to track at The Swamp….no doubt.

Alright here is the workout…..Run 4 laps, perform 3 exercise-merkins, burpees, American hammers x 2 reps; run 3 laps-3 exercises x 4 reps; run 2 laps-3 exercises x 6 reps; run 1 lap-3 exercises x 8 reps. Upon first attempt, all PAX members looked at YHC and said, “…do what?” Explained again but in a slower pace and all was good!! YHC and Rosie added an extra lap during 2nd evolution for another mile. Rosie had gas left in the tank with the last lap-way to move!! Bullseye and Mr. Roper teamed up for the workout. Rosco, excellent!!

Mosey across the parking lot, across BWES field (yup swampy), and back to the flag. With 1 minute to spare, ROF, each PAX member x 10 merkins. Rosie and Roscoe earned extra credit too!!! Roscoe, you are capable of more than you think!!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Wilson, golf tourney May 18. Dogpile and Mosey preorder shirts either with Labrat or at F3 site.

YHC took us out!

Naked Mole Skin::::YHC thought he might be solo this am but last minute bum rush was fantastic. While running with Rosie, intel was received that Roscoe thought No Toll was quite fratastic due to our language. Roscoe is ALL about 3rd F!! This was evident when Roscoe removed YHC hat this morning during COT and prayer to go out!! Roscoe RESPECT!! YHC can always improve his attitude and as for bad language, there is no need for it!!

Rosie, great run this am and thanks for partnering up. I know you could have pushed your run harder!

Bullseye and Mr. Roper-way to push and motivate this morning.

Gentlemen, thank you for following this morning.  F3 has accomplished so much in RVA and has individual meaning to each one of us! But, we are each capable of a little more!!

Only those who post understand and God Bless. YHC is thankful for HIS blessing!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Flatline, Fantastic, I needed that run. I look forward to more of your Q’s in the future. I was thankful that Rosie had mercy to not just run circles around me this time. I appreciate the opportunity to get to know all of you and begin to invest in our relationships. At the end of the day there are only two things that will last into eternity, God’s Word and Men’s Souls. If I spend all my time investing in material things I will just add another log to the heap that will burn in the final day. Carry on!

  2. Confusing the instructions was on me, glad I kept up with the Q so he could set me straight. The beatdown was no joke, increasing burpees is always a struggle. Looking forward to more running with Flatline if you decide to take on the marathon.