Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour De Timberwolf


3 Timberwolf veterans welcomed an SOJ stalwart for his first posting at Timbewolf and decided that a tour of the AO was in order.  YHC took the Q and this is how it went:

Mosey around to the front parking lot in case of any LIFOs.  Brief COP (since there is much to tour) there including:

  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • SSHs


Stop 1: Entrance Hill – partner up and complete traverse the hill up to the bus parking lot “Love Hill” style with Lunges, Broad Jumps and Polar Bears.

Stop 2: Lightpost 11s around the bus lot.  Exercises at each of the 10 lightposts around the lot starting with 1 jump squat and 10 box cutters shifting to 10 and 1 at the last

Mosey to the back corner of Sparky’s Alley

Stop 3: Donkey Kick Corner = 20 DKs OYO and 30-second wall sit.  Repeato x4

Mosey to the track

Stop 4: Dora on the Track.  Exercises were 100 merkins, 200 single count flutter kicks and 300 LBCs.  Run was a 100-yard sprint and back.

Mosey a lap around the track and up to the tennis courts

Stop 5: Progressive 4 corners on the tennis courts –

  • Corner 1 = 10 scorpion dry docks
  • Corner 2 = 10 sdds, 20 jump squats
  • Corner 3 = 10 sdds, 20 js, 30 single-count mountain climbers
  • Corner 4 = 10 sdds, 20 js, 30 single-count mountain climbers and 40 SSHs

Run long sides; Lunge short sides

Mosey back full-circle to the entrance

Stop 6: 4 Lightposts — sprint (AYG) up the hill stopping at each of the lightposts for exercises: 10 burpees at the first, 20 hello dollies at the second, 30 2-ct freddy mercuries at the third and 40 squats  at the fourth.

End of the tour – mosey back the cars for 4 MOM, including

  • ROF = hold six inches and do 10 heels to heaven when it is your turn
  • APDs
  • Cross-leg Lifts — WILSON COME BACK!!!
  • American Hammers at Honeymoon’s request and on his count
  • 30-seconds of Superman

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Wilson’s golf tourney – May 18th.  Find a foursome and get out there.  www.forethecause.org.
  • Talk of a HDHH starting at a driving range one Wednesday before Wilson’s golf tourney, followed by beers — Maybe Windy Hill or Independence.
  • Be on notice – Rosco Qs will include punishments for bad attitude and foul language.  Clean it up or do some extra merkins/burpees/etc.?  You’ve been warned!
  • Continued prayers out for those in our PAX or in our families dealing with difficult issues or hard times.  There is power in prayer and strength in numbers.  Keep it flowing!


Great to have DK out to Timberwolf.  Strong foursome today. We pushed the pace hard and got a lot of work in.  Good job fellas.  Always a pleasure to lead such a motivated group.

Have a great Thursday!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Great job guys! Let’s keep working to EH new guys and bring Kotters back out as the weather turns for the positive.

  2. Nice tour Gumbo, now DK has lots of options when he signs up to Q at the vast expanse that is Timberwolf. It is EH season and those averse to the cold are coming out of hibernation.

  3. Döner Kebab on

    Dude, that may have taken you longer to write up than the actual workout. Solid.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever packed more in during a 45 min F3 RVA boot camp workout.