Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inspecting the trails


It was a perfect spring morning in DaVille as YHC drove into the parking lot of Atlee High School.  As YHC arrived, only No Idea was there.  No Idea said he was waiting for Mudface so they could do their 3 mile loop.  YHC then left to jog to Honey Meadows and Kings Charter.

The Route:

Mudface and No Idea – 3 miles on the grounds of Atlee High School

Phonics – Around 5 miles.  Take school loop – Right onto Honey Meadows Drive.  Left onto Meadows Pond Drive.  Left into King’s Charter.  Take left onto Hopkins Branch Way.  Left onto Kings Charter Drive.  Run to Atlee Station Road.  Turn around and take Left onto Spring Ivy Lane.  Right onto Kings Charter Drive.  Left onto Hopkins Branch Way.  Run into Honey Meadows and take right.  Take left onto Honey Meadows Drive.  Run to end and take Honey Meadows Trails back to Atlee High School Trails and back to VF.


YHC had hoped that several runners from Rutland would join him at Atlee this morning.  After communicating with Anchovy, it appeared that the guys from Rutland were training for their mile challenge in their neighborhood.  At this point, YHC knew he would likely run solo this morning.  He was pleased to see No Idea in the parking lot.  He did not see Mudface until 6:15 when he arrived back at the AO.  Although YHC has run the trails of Honey Meadows before, he had the goal of inspecting them closer for upcoming Qs especially with it getting lighter in the morning.

YHC is ready for the Atlee extension to be completed.  This will allow additional routes for the Tomato Run.  It appears it may be completed within the next few months.

Phonics Out!


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