Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I hate it but I love it


7 of Richmond’s best beat the fartsack this morning, hoping to not watch the puddles gather rain… Shovel flag planted around 0523, laminated LH card located, and the PAX took off at precisely 0530 to tackle the gloom.

Mosey to north end of track near snack pavilion, disclaimer, COP:
– Russian Soldiers x20 IC
– Russian Kickbacks x15 IC
– Helicopters x15 IC
– IW x15 IC

Mosey to south end of track near the road. Intro the Lucky Horseshoe. Set the timer for 33 min, and PAX complete as much of the following as possible during that time:
Do a lap of the track and do 20 of the marked exercises on laminated card corresponding to that lap number.
Lap 1 – Merkins
Lap 2 – Merkins, Storm Squats (to clear up any ongoing confusion, each storm squat rep = [1st leg -> squat -> 2nd leg -> squat])
Lap 3 – Merkins, Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks
Lap 4 – Merkins, Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps
Lap 5 – Merkins, Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps, In-place Lunges (to clear up any ongoing confusion, 20 each leg)
Lap 6 – Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps, In-place Lunges
Lap 7 – Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps, In-place Lunges
Lap 8 – WWII Situps, In-place Lunges
Lap 9 – In-place Lunges
Lap 10 – Victory Lap, no exercises at the end

Mosey to shovel flag for COP/Mary:
Back plank
Freddie Mercury slow IC x20

Kudos to Offshore, who came within about 20s of completing the full menu. Way to kill it! That’s almost 2 full laps of improvement from March – incredible.

YHC was slightly surprised to see head nods from all after asking the PAX if they want to do this again in May. This workout is easy to have a love/hate relationship with – the laps get longer… and then they get shorter and you think you just might be able to squeeze another in if you push a little harder. YHC likes doing this regularly, but thought the PAX might say – “You don’t like my point of view, you think that I’m insane… Its not sane… It’s not sane.”

Capture of laps completed as baseline for future LH iterations (please correct if wrong, the iPhone voice memo didn’t work): HoneyDo 8 + part run, Mr. Holland 8 + part run, Seymour 8 + part run, Offshore 9+ most of run, Vinny 7 + part of run, Attila 7 + part of run, Loose Goose 7 + most run, 13 IP lunges short of 8.

F3 RVA shirts (2 designs) available for order between now and 4/30. Lab Rat is closing an order today to combine shipping, so reach out to him ASAP if you’d like to add to it. See http://f3rva.org/2018/04/16/dogpile-and-mosey-on-shirts-now-available-for-pre-order/ for details

WEST END weekly lunch starts back up next Friday 5/4. Location: TBD (HoneyDo?), time: high noon.


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  1. Woke up expecting terrible weather but it was perfect. Thanks to Seymour and Mr Holland for pushing me.

  2. Just to point out that quoting the dude from Blind Melon might not be the best bit of wisdom ever….he’s dead of his own doing.

    Never got why it was called “Lucky Horseshoe” until I saw it written out like that. Now I get it.

    Nice work!

  3. Nice work men! The Lucky Horseshoe, much like the Beast, the Murph and Old Glory, NEVER disappoints.

  4. agreed but the “No Rain” connection just was too perfect. Thanks for picking up on it…

  5. Was Goose dancing around like this?

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