Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running on the Beach


Three trail dogs and one actual dog converged at the trail head for a spring time run.  YHC called the route and off we went.

The Route:

Across the nickel bridge to buttermilk.  Cross Belle Isle via the Lost Trail and pick up North Bank.  Take Texas Beach up to the pump house and back to the parking lot.


Its been a long time since YHC has been on the Sunday trail run.  As we were about to take off, Saab concluded his run early morning run.  Although TYA’s car was in the parking lot, we never crossed paths with him.  After the COT, he emerged.  Perhaps he had been hiding out in the blue convenience huts all this time or on a wicked long run.  Either way, he made the Pax list.

The trails in Spring are a time of peace and reflection.  Complement that with two primo running buddies and its a great time.  Advice was exchanged as we discussed the finer points on possession makes law and the corollary that while good fences make good neighbors, bad neighbors make bad fences.

It also turns out Upchuck is pretty smart.  He let me take lead through the Texas Beach jungle sweeping the trail for face level spider webs.  I picked up my quota making the coast clear for others.




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  1. Nice run today. Glad to have you out there and to try a new route. I’m still wondering how your Garmin and my Suunto measure the route so differently.

    Apologies on the spiders…frankly, I would have been happy to run in front. Didn’t know it was an issue until now. I guess we are back to the time of year when arachnids are out! Plus, i tried to run as the Six, but Sally stopped cold until I was in front of her. I guess we are now part of her pack!

    Speaking of Sally, frankly, she looked the least tired of the four of us.

  2. I gave those hikers money to knock down the spider webs for us. That’s also what Saab is supposed to be doing when he gets an early start, right? Actually, bringing up the rear, I was thinking that this was one of the last few weekends to run the Beach before the spiders get active again. Thanks to Lockjaw and Upchuck for clearing the way.