Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hard Work leads to Fun and Games!


28 Gladiators of the Gloom posted at Dogpile to put in some hard work and have some fun. This was YHC’s Dogpile VQ and it went a little something like this:

Mosey over and down to the North Bank Trail parking lot near the bridge for:


Helicopters x 15

Don Quixote’s x 10

Scorpion Kicks x 5

YHC told you it was going to be short!


Mosey down past the Pump House to the Pipeline Loop for:

Triple Check # 1

Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear curb to curb, merkin at each curb

Lt. Dans

Run the Pipeline Loop


Mosey up the Pipeline Trail to the Rusty Cage for:

Triple Check # 2


Capt. Thors

Run to Fire Hydrant and perform 5 HRM’s and run back to Rusty Cage


Mosey over to Carillon Field for:

Tug-O-War Tournament ( 4 teams of seven.  Two semi-final matches, Loser’s Bracket Final and Winner’s Bracket Final)

Length of Carillon Field sprints with 5 Burpees halfway down

100% AYG





Heels 2 Heaven (IC)

Rosalitas (IC)

LBC’s (IC)

6 Inches (IC 50 count)


Mosey bag to Shovel Flag

Still have one minute;

5 Diamond Merkins, 5 Merkins right leg up, 5 Merkins left leg up (OYO)


COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out.



Slurpee has the Breaking Bread Q tomorrow with Mr. Roper and YHC helping.

See Lab Rat for shirts for you and for your 2.0’s

See Wilson for Galactosemia Foundation golf tournament

See Shakedown for St. Baldrick’s shave



Wow!  Longest hour of my life!  YHC arrived to the AO extra early (5:15am) to, of course, get YHC’s props in the correct place.  While YHC was at the Carillon field getting props out of truck, YHC noticed two sets of headlights at the parking area.  One was obviously Swirly, the other YHC would not find out who it was until he pulled up to park.  It was Upchuck.  He must have been ready to roll or could not sleep, either way, we all literally piled into Swirly’s truck and had a nice conversation about hockey playoffs, especially the Caps.  GO CAPS!  Then some random dude rolled up in a rental car and approached Swirly’s window.  Swirly rolled window down and random dude asked: “Are you Josh?”  Swirly answered: “No Josh here dude, this is F3”  Random dude: “I am here to meet Josh for a 5 mile run”  Swirly: “No this is F3 where we meet every Wednesday and Saturday for great beatdowns”  End of convo.  Great attempt at EH’ing that random guy, Swirly.  Wasn’t meant to be, though.

YHC had other tricks up his sleeve this morning, but had to go with a plan B because of numbers.  28 was probably the best number for this morning because it gave us 4 even strength tug-o-war teams.  It did leave one extra for the triple checks, but it all worked out.  Also, the dawns are breaking at a better time now in the gloom in order to see things better like the pipeline trail.  YHC likes to work everyone hard in YHC’s Q’s, but YHC also likes to have fun!  Thus, the tug-o-war tourney.  YHC does not remember who was on the winning team, but it was not YHC’s team.  So YHC will guarantee you that the rope will be making appearances again until YHC’s team wins it all!  The best match had to be the Loser’s Bracket final.  It was a good back and forth for a couple of minutes, until YHC’s team was ultimately defeated.  Will not happen again, right Swirly?  YHC hopes everyone enjoys their participation trophys they received from the back of YHC’s truck!

YHC would like to thank everyone for coming out to YHC’s Dogpile VQ which landed on YHC’s 6 month anniversary of beginning F3.  As YHC told you in the COT, it has greatly changed YHC’s life!  Thank you all for pushing YHC to his limits and being there for him!  Thank you to Spike for spreading the word about F3 to me at church a while ago!  ET’s was great as usual!  YHC hopes everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend and YHC will see you in the gloom!







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  1. The victorious team was Gomer Pyle, Viral, Lab Rat, EF Hutton, Toucan, Loose Goose and myself. Nice beatdown Kubota. We like you without the bribing with beer, but it doesn’t hurt!

  2. Great Q Kubota. Also thx for the brew, enjoying one now after a long afternoon at the ball field. Honeydo, I believe you swapped Goose for Wilson.

  3. Thanks EF. Honey Do what’s up man! I do like Goose, so if he needs to feel a win, he can be listed.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent Q.
    Nice to have the pipe loop back
    Love the tug of war
    Thanks for the complimentary beer at the end !
    See y’all in the gloom

  5. Really enjoyed this Q. Anytime there is pre-work (stretch on your own!), that shows serious organization. I knew some pain was coming.

    Great to have you with us at F3, Kubota.

  6. I had no idea you knew about the pipe lope, nice work today great Q. It never gets old to hear how this group has changed the lives of the men that choose to show up. I am in totally grateful for this group.
    Its stories like your that keep me in the game of life!! Thanks for the friendship and great beer KUBOTA…

  7. Man, what a Q! This will go down as a template for raising the bar. Well done Kubota. Way to push today Loose Goose! Love the tug o war. Let’s see that again soon!

  8. Fantastic Q today! The front porch beers were a nice touch as well. Got run back that tug of war action.