Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hill Repeats and a little No GLAM


5 veterans posted looking for a well-balanced bootcamp beatdown but were instead greeted with hill sprints and leg work.  It went something like this:

Circle the parking lot for the LIFO, then head over to the base of Twin Team for COP, including:

  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Copperhead Squats
  • LBCs
  • Flutterkicks


Hill Repeats

Mosey briskly up to the top of Twin Team to survey our mountain.  Gather the six at the top then mosey back down part way (maybe 100 yards) for the first of several hill repeat sprints.  The challenge was to get back to the top in under 1 minute. Clock was set and the PAX was off.  All PAX conquered the first challenge with ease, so for each successive challenge we moseyed a bit farther down the hill but the clock remained at 1 minute.  5 or 6 sprints in all…heart was pumping for sure.  Great work fellas.


Mosey back to BWES and the visitor parking spaces in front of the school for a bit of No GLAM – 3 exercises (jump squats, 1-count mountain climbers and 1-count ball-dippers) followed by a lap around the welcome circle in front of the school.  Rounds included:

  • 11/22/22
  • 9/20/20
  • 7/18/18
  • 5/16/16
  • 3/14/14
  • 1/12/12

Because of time-constraints (i.e., too much time on Twin Team) we had to skip ahead in the regularly scheduled programming and couldn’t climb up the ladder for the second half of No GLAM…next time!


Round 1 = Al Gore and 20 Monkey Humpers (howl optional) when it is your turn – pass to the left.

Round 2 = Hold six inches and 10 heels to heaven when it is your turn – pass to the left.


Freddie Mercuries IC x25

APDs IC x10

COT, numbers, names, announcements and YHC took us out


  • Good luck to Spit, Screen Door, Dreamliner and the rest of the HR PAX who are running the Colonial 200.  Stay safe and slay those miles.
  • Breaking Bread this Sunday – I think Slurpee and Kubota are still looking for another pair of helping hands if you can spare a few hours Sunday evening.
  • Dopile and Mosey (I think?) tshirt orders open to the end of the month
  • CSAUP planning for next year has begun.  Don’t be left out.


Thanks for indulging the run-heavy No GLAM workout this morning fellas.  Special shout out to Mr. Holland, Bullseye and Roscoe who probably weren’t planning on those  hill repeats but crushed them anyway.  Flatline is in top running shape and the hill repeats were no sweat for him.  Well done men.

For anyone who is interested, adding a ROF to your workout when Roscoe is in the PAX is sure to bring out his karaoke skills and his ad lib skills.  Many thanks for the entertainment Roscoe.

Have a great Friday men!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Very brief COP tomorrow at Dogpile! Stretch OYO before 6am! Great work this morning! Someone get Wilson out to Dogpile tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. Plenty of time to get in on CSAUP action – just talking dates for next year on the CSAUP Backblast.

  3. Sorry to miss out on TwinTeam and the No Glam workout that was predicted. The fartsack had a strong hold this morning.