Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Need to Taper


4 RVA PAX assembled on the Friday morning of the 2018 CSAUP without concern of tapering…none of us were participating.

The beatdown went down as follows:


COP: SSH, DQs, Merkins, Crab Cakes, LBCs

Age Before Beauty Bearimeters: DK & Holland vs Roper & Roscoe – Partner 1 runs backwards around bus loop, Partner 2 bear crawls, swap when you meet-up until perimeter is complete.

Mosey to High School

Stop by side of gym for 11’s: Donkey Kicks + Pole Smokers

Mosey to track parking lot for Touch-a-Light-Pole: Partner up – Partner 1 touches a light pole not touched, increasing by 1 each time up to 4; Partner 2 planks or holds 6 inches

Repeat-O for 5 & 6 light poles

Mosey to hill leading back to cars for Jacob’s Ladder: bear crawl up, burpee, run back down, 10 copperhead squats – repeato and increase burpees up to 6

Mosey back to VSF

COT – Roscoe took us out

YHC took Q upon short notice. Fun had by all. YHC apologizes for the delay posting this.


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