Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Post CSAUP Sunday Fun


A PAX of one assembled for some post CSAUP merriment bright and early this Sunday morning.

PAX decided to head down the North Bank towards Tpot. Beautiful weather and not many other runners out today. Between the Monument 10k yesterday and our own CSAUP turnout was light.

I must say especially when in close proximity to the tracks the fresh spring breeze carried with it some dank odors. I don’t mean dank as in “The Rudeboy Pita from the Dank Eats food truck is diggedy-dank!” I mean dank as in “Are these bushes competely full of dog poop?” Once clearing the sewage smell it proved to be a pleasant day for the trails if not a bit warm and humid. Warm weather is here and so is perspiration. Keep hydrated.

PAX decided to complete the 7 mile loop returning on Buttermilk, content to progress at Bootleg speed.

NMS: YHC had a great CSAUP experience. Many thanks to Splinter for pulling it together and TYA for organizing the Richmond Proper team and everybody who helped make it happen. Thanks to my teammates and hats off to everybody who participated, came out to support in between other activities, or thought about us as we were out in the dark leaving a trail of samples across Richmond for Offshore to come back and collect.

I needed more miles for the week even tho I was exhausted. After getting a nap and a full 8 hours last night it felt good to get out. ET’s with one of my 2.0’s was great.

Get some rest folks. See you soon



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  1. Way to go, Bootleg! Sorry you were solo, but there was no way I could have gone 7 this am. Way to hold down the fort.

  2. Double respect…first, for posting and running alone, which is a given. But, second for doing the full seven…way to put in the work over the past several months to get yourself there. Proud to witness your accomplishment!!

  3. JESUS! Respect….I was up, but decided to “ruck” around Bryan park with a bunch of frisbees instead. Good for you, Bootleg!