Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

STS-1 Orbits The Dogpile


As the pilgrims traveled tirelessly through the night of CSAUP, nine brave men emerged onto the launchpad. As we all know, on this day in 1981 the shuttle Columbia returned to Earth in NASA’s first orbital space flight, STS-1. In tribute, here’s what went down this morning:

First orbit: run the loop down to the pump house and back up. Circle up for COP (SSH, IW, DQ, Freddie Mercury, Merkins)

Countdown & Liftoff: mosey to midway down amphitheatre for tricep dips as a 10-countdown, all the way to the bottom. Box jump back out for liftoff.

Anti-Gravity: @valley beside amphitheatre: WWIIs on one crest, burpees in valley, jump squats on other crest. Start with 5, escalator up to 10 of each.

Anti-Gravity Part II: mosey to Rusty Cage. 10 pull-ups, 8 jerkins. Repeat 3x.

Second Orbit: Partner up by Carillon loop. One man bear crawl while partner runs backwards in opposite orbit around circle and median. Switch off each time you meet until duo has completed a bearimeter.

After 22 years, Columbia met a tragic end as a leading edge of a wing lost heat protection, causing the shuttle to burn up in re-entry in 2003.

Our own Self Destruction took the PAX back into the amphitheatre. On each step, escalating number of SSH, merkins, & V-ups, until time ran out.

Glad to see so many in the PAX this morning, despite many of the Dogpile faithful journeying through RVA overnight! Shout out to Spit, who only left early in order to also run the Monument 10K (you know, that other race that happened this weekend). And welcome to Philly’s finest FNG, Liam Smith, aka Allstate. He’s a college buddy of YHC, and happy to come into unfamiliar territory for a good ol’ beatdown.


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  1. Awesome beatdown, Mr. Holland – creative and painful! Running backwards after bear crawls is quite a shock to the system. Welcome Allstate! Hope to see you back sometime.

  2. Well done men. Strong themed Q Mr Holland. HoneyDo is proud I’m sure. Thanks for securing the AO for our finish!!

    Welcome Allstate!

  3. Great Q Mr Holland! Sorry I had to be LIFO but enjoyed the theme. TClaps to Helix for running the night before then showing up for Dogpile.

    Not sure what happen to the PAX List. Anyway this could be fix BIG DATA/Corporate??