Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Offshore is accepting 3 different types of fluid donations


20 strong attacked Mary this morning and here is how we rolled..

Warm up : SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, Burppees

Ring of Fire : pax hold plank while doing 5 pull ups

Partner Dips : 3 sets of 15 partner dips partner holds feet.

Triple Check : Run the perimeter of the black top – LT Dan’s – Captain Thor’s

Polarbears – Donkey Kicks – bear crawl every 5 steps do a merkin to the fence at the fence 10 donkey kicks run back to start and plank – repeat.

Curb crawls : curb crawl dips ladder up to 10 and back down

Burpee Shuffle : jog in place each pax member calls out burpee one at a time all the way around the circle.

6 inches – boom..

The scoop: YHC was glad to see such a strong crowd this morning – way to represent dudes..

It seemed at the start some of the pax was still half a sleep – so YHC had to get that straight quickly. No half assin at a Swirly Q – you approach the workout like it’s your last chance to make the team – you give it your all – it’s not abut being first or the best – it’s about doing your best! TYA texted YHC this morning saying he was not gonna make it – was up in the night with some recurring stomach issues – but 10 min later he pulled up to Mary – parked and got in big blue – YHC said hey you good dude – TYA says yeah I realized I was making up  excuses and F&%$#@ that – no excuses baby – Yep you damn right  that brought a tear to YHC’s eyes – F&*%$# love it dude – that action says it all TYA!

Some of the pax might have thought that YHC was grumpy this morning – but  not at all YHC  was just ready to work – and work we did along with some great laughs. Handshake took a spill on the triple check hope you recover fast dude – rub some dirt on it walk it off take an advil – whatever you gotta do man..  Viral was not about to get caught on his last run of the triple check Hardywood called out to him and Viral turned on the burners – way to push Viral – never seen you run like that – wow !

Lot’s of grunts and moans during polar bears and curb crawls but nothing like the sounds of moaning during 6 inches after a burppe shuffle – music to YHC’s ears…. Great job guys – thanks for letting me lead this morning.

CSAUP – It’s here – let the fun begin – get there tomorrow no later than 6:45.

Healing place – Slurpee is the Q on the next one please see him to assist .

Ok as the title of the BB says – Offshore is in need of fluids – never has anything like this been said in the COT but hey it’s a COT so it’s a safe place 🙂 After all the laughter it turns out this is actually a  real thing  – Offshore  is leading a study –  the city  crime investigators need to practice discovering different fluids at crime scenes  – so if you want o give blood – piss in a cup –  Cuff the Governor  – Shake Hands with the Mayor – Slap little Johnny behind the ears – box the clown – choke the chicken- sling the snot – or whatever other middle school boy term you can think of 🙂  See Offshore – he will gladly accept your donation. Phonics  said he was all in until he heard you had to give blood – that was a deal breaker 🙂 hilarious …

Viral took us out – well said Viral – hard to be serious after Offshore’s words – I think Hardywood is still shaking from laughter 🙂

See y’all in the gloom…


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  1. Enjoyed the trip around MM today. The pull up bar is a great reminder of where I’ve been and where I want to go. I’ll get there. I have no doubt, thanks to all of the F3 support.

  2. Enjoyed reminiscing about American Gladiators with Flipper and Hardywood in plank this morning. I bet Zap with her Adam’s apple could donate to Offshore’s cause.

  3. This workout feels strangely like Game 1 of the 1988 World Series when the great Kirk Gibson hit a walk off home run. I watched every second of that game, but the only thing I remember is what happened at the end. I think there were some burpees and dips in this workout, but all I can acutely remember is Offshore asking for samples. Much like I never expected a hobbled Kirk Gibson to hit a homer of the the great side arm relief pitch who finished second in Cy Young voting and fifth in MVP that year, it just wasn’t on my radar that anyone would be asking for samples at 6:15am in an elementary school parking lot. What a way to start the morning. Be prepared for anything fellas.

  4. Oh man! EF Hutton has a huge amount of American Gladiator knowledge. And we have got to find a way to do an themed workout.

  5. I thought Offshore was with VCU School of Business. What in the hell do body fluids have to do with Statistics?

  6. I have a wealth of useless knowledge. American Gladiators, 80s and 90s wrestling, Saved By the Bell trivia, competitive eating, minor league arena football (Go Roughriders!), Survivor, and Hair Bands, all topics I can thoroughly cover.

  7. Nice work fellas and kudos to TYA for shaking off the irritable bowel and posting. My curiosity was certainly piqued with the title and I didn’t expect the explanation at all. Offshore is crafty – he knows there is no Playing Stranger before a big race. He was just trying to throw everyone off their game before CSAUP. Either that or this is some other kind of sting operation by Richmond City Police…beware boys!

    See you gents at Dogpile tomorrow evening…CAN”T WAIT!

  8. Way to lead Swirly, arms/shoulders are smoked!

    Holy Offshore, way to bring it! That was a crowd pleaser, especially after realizing that you were serious…Gumbo, nice angle, perhaps there is strategy involved here as well….

  9. Since my boys had their tubes tied, mine has the potency of soft-soap. I trust there will be some use found.

    Of note, M had a hundred questions this morning. She envisioned Offshore collecting containers from all the PAX members…like a canned-food drive.

  10. We were just discussing such samples yesterday – especially valuable! (My other comment with the participation info is still “awaiting moderation”!?)

  11. I’m all-in on this. I never left the 80’s. Garbage Pail Kids, what’s up! As for Survivor, I once judge a county fair beauty pageant with Big Tom. It’s also possible that I listen to White Lion on the way to F3 workouts.

  12. Great Q Swirly…I want to be Titan in American Gladiator beatdown EF Hutton (I called it). That was worth the price of admission Hardywood…. Vinny we all have our Super Powers and we all have our Kryptonite… pull ups are my Kryptonite as well.. keep pushing we got you brother… Offshore I just finished collecting should I drop it by your house (anxiously awaiting your reply)

  13. Thanks Flipper. I don’t want all of my Presidential Physical Fitness Awards from middle/high school going to waste.

  14. I will never say, I regret not attending a workout, but this one with Offshore asking for samples………only imagine what the parking lot sounded like at 0615! Ridiculous and I cannot wait to see what you receive Offshore!!

  15. Here is the info: To donate to the VCU Forensic Science Biological Samples Registry , email frscresearch@vcu.edu and they’ll give you the details (fluids, compensation, collection methods, etc.). Tell them I sent you!