Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



7 stallions converged today to log some miles in a manner that is both 2.0 friendly and conducive to a great taper.

Multiple Route Options:

  • Run the hill loop
  • Oak to Grove and do the Albemarle/Lexington loop and back for 1.5
  • Oak to Harlan, cross Patterson to Park, right on Park and a left on Spokane to Wythe,  Wythe to Westmoreland to Grove and back on Oak for just over 3 miles

YHC took us out.

It was great spring weather for a run.  There was reminiscing of the oppressive summer heat and some of our wildlife encounters running that loop (beers on TYA’s patio when a racoon appeared).  Some good conversation afterwards.

It turns out the name “Toro” is already claimed by Labrat’s 2.0.  Kubota’s 2.0 was flexible enough to support a name change to another product in competition with a John Deere.

Smooth tapering to all with 48 hours to go ’til show time.  See you on the roads this Friday night.



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  1. PS – The backblast title comes form the skill it required to cross Cary, Grove, and Patterson twice at rush hour.

    It was great to see everyone this evening.

  2. Nice routes, Lockjaw! Frogger indeed as it took about 3-4 minutes to cross Cary outbound and inbound. I almost had to pick Husky up and carry him across Cary. Way to work to the three Pax members who were not tapering! Great conversation before and after!