Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Dora, whatever


13 strong came out for Hoedown before the rain came in.  Here is what went down:

COP – Invisible Jump rope, Don Qs, Merkins, Reverse Crunches, Scorpion Kicks

Mosey to back field for Triple check – modified to Dora:  100 Burp ups, 200 Jump Squats, 300 LBCs.  Flutterkicks and run other variations.

Head to blacktop for real Triple Check – Plerkins, Elbow Plank, & Run length of courts.  Back to flag for some mary:  Hells2Heaven, 1 legged APDs, American Hammers, & Windshield wipers.

Announcements – CSAUP this weekend, Puppy pile next weekend?

NMS – YHC thought we had the perfect 12 when we saw Mr Holland pull in on the initial mosey.  However Lockjaw made the PAX 13 by magically appearing somehow.  The 100 Burp-Ups took a while as the initial Dora lasted quite a while.

There were a lot of groans during the Scorpion Kicks in the COP, either backs were cracking in a good way or a bad way.  YHC is happy that Flipper is on our Masters team, word is he might have his magic laser with him this weekend.  The Plerkins on the Triple check might get Flipper some business this week.

Handshake put in solid work, great to see him at a 3 x’s a week poster now.  On the drive over to the AO YHC saw Slurpee and Kubota running to the AO, always a good sign.

Thanks for all the encouragement from the PAX as YHC is changing jobs today.  Taking the Q helped me get some nervous energy out and YHC would never dare take such a risk 3 years ago before starting F3.


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  1. Good Q, Honeydo! Don’t know if the 100 burp-ups were good, though. Way to work to my partners Splinter and Marv on the “Triple Dora” and to Slurpee and Angus on the Triple Check! Nothing like elbow planking on asphalt while someone else is doing plerkins from your back! Good luck with the new job, Honeydo! Have a great Monday all!

  2. I came to the AO hot this am and joined the tail of the Pax train en route to COP. Living so close to the AO enables me to be just in time.

    Great workout this morning. Nothing like a heavy guy like me, with lighter plerkin partners to flex their lower back. Apologies Upchuck and Marv.

    Good use of the field for the doras and no one tripped over the ghost bench.

  3. Nice work Honeydo and good luck today.

    The burp-ups didn’t work so well for me. First of all, as everyone knows I am fairly slow at burpees. Second, the up portion on the monkey bars almost took me out on my first burp. I think my head hit the top of the bar without even jumping.

    Great seeing Lockjaw with a non-Q post. Must be tapering his Q’ing.

  4. Great start to what I’m sure is going to be a great first day at the new job, good luck!

    Awesome Q, both triple checks were no joke….Enjoyed teaming with Garbage plate, Lockjaw, Angus, and Kubota way to push guys!

  5. That was a great workout. The Burp-ups were a nice change of pace, I’m sure I will feel them tomorrow. I’m glad to be a part of the crew.

    Best of luck on your new venture Honey Do!

  6. Big Tennessee on

    Good luck, HoneyDo! Happy to see you making a change that makes you better. And solid, Q. Aside from the physical side, I thoroughly enjoyed the brief references to PAX we haven’t seen in some time. We should do that more often, maybe it will call us to EH them again.

  7. As always I am here to serve… HoneyDo Q brought to you by the fine folks at Flipdog Chiropractic… sorry I missed it… taking a page out of the lockjaw taper schedule

  8. Nice Q this morning, HoneyDo. Glad to be out there with you on the Big Day. Go crush it. And, remember to find some new clients in FLL. I need a workout partner down there!

  9. I had no idea….Best of luck HD. (I am assuming you are not changing careers to become a trained personal instructor…if so, my condolences to your clients who are in for a world of hurt : )