Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Dawn Picnic


Six helmets met at Forest Hill Park for a pre-dawn picnic hot potato style, that went something like this:

Swirly served appetizers: SSH’s / Helicopters / DQs / Merkins / Flutter Kicks x 10 each. Time for the main course. 20 of our favorite dips, followed by 15 incline Merkins and 10 decline Merkins. 3 portions per serving, each.

Pass to Sippy Cup to start off the partner up pot luck. Partner 1 planks with a rock on his back while partner 2 runs up the steps to secure (and touch) a picnic table. Back down to the picnic blanket and switch. Round 2: Partner 1 sits crab (dip) style (rock in lap) while Partner 2 runs back up the picnic table to make sure the flies aren’t bad. Back down to the picnic blanket and switch.

Pass to YHC for a mosey to the tennis court to get away from the bees, where 11s crab walk (dip) style was served. PAX lined up on the sideline and crabwalked to the mid-court line and back. WWIIs and LBCs were on the menu. Al Gores and a 15 count to make sure the food wasn’t to hot. Burpee Progression Suicides were next. An aquired taste. The PAX was full, and burpeed from side line to side line, 1 burpee at line one, 2 burpees at line 2, etc. 5-1 working back to the picnic area for 15 modified Cherry Pickers IC.

Pass to Bootleg. Flies were bad. Time to mosey to the plaground. On the way, Hardywood and YHC may have sung song and verse, Playground by Another Bad Creation, IC.

Pullups (7), Dips (14) LBCs (21) OYO x 3. The PAX was filling up quickly.

Pass to Hardywood. Heard some comotion going on with a nearby family reunion, so we moseyed down to the lower tennis courts to see what was happening. Nothing to see here. Back to the flag – but first, we stopped to smell the roses: 9 trees. 1 hand release Merkin, 1 two-count American Hammer, increase by one at each tree.

At the flag, a few minutes to spare before we had to pack up our picnic baskets and leave the park. Hardywood felt like a pie eating contest was in order. Circle up. Each PAX member ate 5 1-arm Merkins left arm, and 5 1 arm-Merkins right arm, while the remaining PAX tucked in their bibs in plank position.

Numberama / Namorama / Announcements

CSAUP is this weekend. Do it for the t-shirt.

Sippy Cup took us out.

Glad to be joined today by Forceps out of Raleigh / Wake-South. He and a bunch of his Raleigh Meats are doing the Blue Ridge Relay. Their original team name was so good, the host committee sent them a nice letter thanking them and asking them to change it. Catch up with Forceps at the BRR for the real story. NSFW

It was a great day for a picnic. Many wonderful dishes were served. We ate like Kings, created only memories, took only photos and left only footprints.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to work guys – enjoyed the hot potato dish…
    Great way to start the week.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Vinny – Great BB! You can write my briefs anytime. Excellent work this morning gents!

    Welcome Forceps, way to pull through this morning.

  3. Great BB Vinny. Thanks for doing that.

    To top it off I encountered the Seals at Starbucks.

    Thought of you, Swirly