Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Precious Little Field Trip


16 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day for a precious little field trip of Byrd Park and surrounding communities. For our adventure it was the perfect conditions for success, 70 and sunny. According to legend, it went a little something like this.

Mosey to Byrd Park for the Mumble Chatter Prevention Task Force COP

10 SSH, 10 SSH RL, 10 SSH LL

10 HRM, 10 HRM RL, 10 HRM LL

25 Mark Spitz


5 Don Quiote – These were slow and low that is the tempo

2 Arm Circles

Mosey to Maymont parking lot for Burpee Barrage

Running one loop there are 4 light posts.  Complete 4 loops of the following.  Post 1: Right Arm Burpee, Post 2: Left Arm Burpee, Post 3: Right Leg Burpee, Post 4: Left Leg Burpee.  On round one, complete one rep of each.  On round two, complete two reps of each.  Repeato until four rounds completed.

Mosey to Colorado street to the Amelia School for Super Trifecta

In a triple check style complete the following:  one person runs up the hill and back, one person flutter kicks, one person exercises.  Switch places when the runner gets back and complete the following exercises as a team.  100 burpees, 200 WWII, 300 SSH.

Partner up and wheel barrow up the hill switching every 15 steps.  Short recovery at the top of the hill and wheel barrow back down.

Back to Colorado Street for the Hunchback of Picabo Street.

In an indigenous persons style run with a twist, the last two men piggy back, run to the front while weaving in and out of each of the pax.  We did this for what seemed like forever.

Near Byrd Park find a piece of land and start Super 21s.  Courtesy of the great Flatline, this exercise goes a little something like this. Round 1 complete 1 merkin and 1 WWII as a group.  Round 2 complete 2 merkins and 2 WWII as a group.  Repeato up to 8 rounds.  Quick mosey to the other side of Byrd Lake.  Complete rounds 9, 10 and 12.  With the game clock running out, YHC called an audible and the pax moseyed back to the flag.

Numberama, namerama, YHC lead us out.

News:  Sign up for CSAUP and do whatever you can here.

Please send your light and love to Lab Rat.  Pappa Rat has hit a little bit of a rough patch.

Moleskin: YHC is eternally grateful to the pax for showing up and BRINGING IT this morning.  If there was ever a justifiable excuse for fart sacking, today was it.  Busy people have just that, lots of justifiable excuses.  YHC has two thoughts here.  There is zero chance YHC would get up and do this workout, on this day, in these conditions solo.  ZERO chance.

Dig a little deeper, get it all out and be super.




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  1. You guys are warriors. It’s a weekend highlight and a real privilege to be out in front of the pax. Have a great weekend fellas!

  2. Thanks for the double dip shoutout, but you’re kinda killing me. Splinter’s gotta add another alias or else big data won’t count me.

  3. Wow! That was a lot in 60 minutes! Great Q, Hardywood! Great partner work Rosie, Tuco and EFH! Also, great wheelbarrowing, Saab. The partner carry Indian run was different. Great job completing the corporate challenge, EFH! Have a great weekend all!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job guys ! Enjoyed the field trip Hardywood- strong Q!
    Super job Shakedown and Flatline enjoyed teaming up with y’all. Way to work on the wheelbarrows EF. Hutton!
    See y’all in the gloom.

  5. WOW! What a beating to miss. Sounds epic! I like field trips, but afraid I did not have my permission slip for this one! Well done fellas!

  6. Epic. Rain, pain, burpees, rocky lot, mushy duck poop…and Picabo. Nice partnering with Seymour and Saab on the triple check. Helix, way to keep us moving on the wheelbarrows. And, Sippy lugged 210 pounds of UpChuck like a champ.

    Welcome to Tuco. Hope the job situation makes you a regular.

  7. Excellent field trip Hardywood. The only way I’m out there on a day like today is knowing my F3 brothers will be there to enjoy the gloom along with me. Great job EFH, big data will find you.

  8. Nope not great, just a dude getting it all out with fellow great men!
    Kick ass field trip and quick work silencing the PAX! Sippy Cup, respect with your partner carry! Swirly, Shakedown strong work. Tuco outstanding wheelbarrows!
    Reduce, reuse, recycle! And only those who post understand!
    Loud and Proud!

  9. Wow. Completely wiped out. Despite how it may have looked as I brought up the six I enjoyed rolling in mud today. I definitely would not have been out there on my own

  10. Solid outing, gents. Nothing like a dirty roll in the rain to kick off the day. Compton Vinny particularly enjoyed the hobo pub crawl (wheel barrows).

  11. Hardywood, you have a talent for making misery fun! Always worthwhile. Thanks for your leadership and thanks to everyone for the camraderie.