Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rubbin’ is Racin’


12 stalwarts saddled up for today’s edition of W-Dog.  The horse-mounted police in Byrd Park tell the story this way.

Mosey to the first traffic circle.  Russian soldiers, SSHs, DQs, Johnsonville Hillbillies (flair required), LBCs, flutter kicks, and t-release mercans.  Quick stretch of the belly…mosey to the Great Lawn.

Snow angels and squats

Short mosey to the Pull Off at the end of the Great Lawn

Curb Crawls…1 mercan at the first curb…up to 5 mercans

Mosey to the Triangular or Quadrangular Shaped Roads (recently the site of The Cooper) for Wild Pony Races:
First rider jumps on back of partner, who runs the clockwise through the warm up circle loop and back to the end of the access road.  (This is easier to understand in person than on paper).  Partners switch at their leisure.   Each does 5 boo-yah mercans at each switch.  Repeato 3 times, changing directions every now and again.

Mosey to the side of the Bell Tower for Touch-a-Tree
10-8-6-4-2…partner one touches trees while partner two exercises…first two rounds…LBCs…3rd and 4th rounds…flutter kicks…5th round…burpees.

Mosey back to the flag.  Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, Vinny took us out.

YHC’s friend and neighbor 2-Can has crushed his personal goals for fitness and dietary improvement.  This is a BIG personal accomplishment – nothing easy about this.  Every one of the PAX should pat our brother on the back when you next see him.  Well done, my friend!

Last week of The Healing Place…YHC would like to see a few new guys out there on Saturday.  What’s easier after a Hardywood Q at Dogpile than running a few miles to support some guys working to address their personal demons?  YHC is looking for a few good men to make it out one more week…if you have not been, plan for it, run it, and join us at ET’s afterward.

CSAUP…if you are not running, please volunteer to staff a Party Stop along the route, drive a van, etc.  You don’t want to be “that guy” who misses this event and does not understand the inside jokes for the next several months…no, you do not want to be that guy.  Come join the PAX, even for a short while.  If you can’t make it, Mr. Holland is hosting an event at 6:00 a.m. Saturday, April 14, for those with a guilty conscience…it’s called Dogpile.  Come out and help him through his first Dogpile Q!!

YHC arrived early to find Old Reliable / Big Blue in place.  This gave YHC a chance to catch up with Swirly on baseball, hockey, and other matters.  YHC and Swirly also discussed the re-emergence of Seal Team at Spider Run.  A new boot camp has started for them.  On the one hand, YHC continues to marvel at the financial success that comes from indoctrinating new fitness enthusiasts.  On the other hand, YHC continues to marvel at the financial success that comes from indoctrinating new fitness enthusiasts.  There is a dark part of YHC’s personality that wants to post large “Why are you paying for something that we do for free?” signs at each Seal Team workout.  Perhaps that is why YHC has not been invited to Seal Team.  C’est la vie…before we knew it, the parking lot starting filling and it was time for a free workout.

Always good to start the Q with a special request…Ronnie has been easing back into F3, and he asked that the Q go easy on him.  Ever eager to please, YHC offered to let Swirly Q in order to accommodate this request.  Ronnie opted to keep YHC as the Q.

Nice work on the Wild Pony Races this morning.  YHC can’t quite determine whether the PAX love this, hate this, or generally have a love-hate relationship with this.  Offshore was heard to say “rubbin’ is racing'” while carrying (Kubota????)…that’s the spirit.  And, glad to find YHC didn’t destroy Oyster’s back on this one.  Way to dig deep…210 pounds of Chatterbox on your back is no joke.

Nice to have Paddy Mayo visiting again…good to partner with you on the Touch-a-Tree, and YHC will welcome you back anytime…YHC has also contracted to publish a horticultural study of the park for any future guests from NC.  Dang, brother, where DID YOU RUN TO in order to find 8 and 6 trees?  Brother did some CSAUP training in there somewhere.  Nice work!

Lastly, great effort this morning, fellas. Always a pleasure to lead this group.



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    • Quality Q, Upchuck. I’ve been eating like a horse (or pony) all day trying to replenish. Told Paddy Mayo he was carrying a solid 146lbs…need to tack on a few.
      Kubota, I appreciate the strategy on touching the trees and leaving those last 2 close to home! Great work!

      Congrats, Two Can.

  1. Great Q, UpChuck! 45 minutes flew by on this one! It wasn’t me on Offshore’s back. I was partnering with Two Can. Pony rides/carries were tough! Way to fly around touching trees, Flange! Great job! Have a great Wednesday all!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Upchuck ! Enjoyed catching up this morning.
    Way to push guys – Ronnie – good job on the pony carries dude !
    Two Can – atta baby – way to crush it man – proud of you keep it up dude..
    Good to have you back with us Paddy Mayo !
    Wed Hill run 5:30 – Orvis – come on out…
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Marcel Marceau on

    Great Q Upchuck – I always depart hanging with you all positive and ready for my day. Thank you. I need to add another morning to my mix with F3.

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