Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“I Shall Return”


Those iconic words of Douglas MacArthur as he famously left The Philippines were ringing heavily in the ears of seven brave men as they entered the gloom this morning. Of course, this day in 1942 marked one of the darkest points in the Pacific Theatre of WWII, culminating in the devastating retreat known as the Bataan Death March.

After a brief COP (SSH, DQ, WWIIs, Dive Bombers), PAX did their own Bataan Death March around the HBR campus: Indian Run, with the 6 completing five burpees before coming up front. Multiple stops along the way included dips on the bleachers, balls to the wall, copperhead squats, and a sidebar into pole smokers along the bus loop.

Upon completion, YHC felt that we hadn’t each done nearly enough burpees, and set out to right that wrong. Mosey over to Heartbreak Ridge proper. One partner runs backwards up HBR 2X while the other does burpees, switch until the pair reaches 100. With a trio we hit 150, and quickly called an audible to be able to choose the direction one faced as they ran the ridge.

After PAX questioning whether it was leg day, we finished at the Rusty Cage. 11s with jerkins & WWIIs. So there.



YHC hasn’t Q’d in a while, and in the midst of a really busy work season, has been happy to let others do his work for him. Upon realizing that the Q was unspoken for as of 10pm last night, the realization that this is important to many of us and the need to step up inspired this morning’s beatdown.

Grateful for a PAX who gets me out of the fartsack day after day, and love how a good beatdown sets my day up for success. Onward and upward.


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  1. Sounds like a great beatdown! Sorry I missed it while on vacation, looking forward to catching HR next week with you gentlemen

  2. Way to work today Angus… glad to be your partner… to the dudes I don’t very well yet (handshake and Vinny) keep it up.. always inspiring when I see newer guys putting in work. Mr. Holland Out… I mean Flipper