Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tangled Up in Blue


Eleven Hoes came out for a special Spring Break edition of Hoedown.  The story began as follows.

Mosey up to the blacktop for COP:

  • Russian Soldiers
  • Helicopters
  • Don Quixote
  • SSSH

Head up to the field for the Beast:

  • WWII
  • Merkins
  • Box Cutters
  • Scorpions
  • One Legged APD
  • Dive Bombers

Over to the parking lot with 12 spaces for 11s.  Each parking spot represents one progression of 11s with Al Gore in the 12th.  Exercises were Copperhead Squats and 4-Count Mountain Climbers.

Make our way to the grassy infield of the horseshoe and partner up.  Each partner does 25 PLT and then 8 Boo-Yah merkins.  Cycle through three times until there is smoke from fatigue.

Over to the school wall for Triple Check – donkey kicks, flutter kicks, and run the horseshoe.

Head back to grassy infield for Mary – Rosalitas, Hello Dollies, American Hammers.

YHC took us out.


Ah, Spring Break.  The quiet in the air without the ambience of kid’s preparing for another week in the school.  No teacher’s rolling in early nor the Monday milk truck tearing down the horseshoe unloading its precious contents of assorted dairy products.  The AO is truly ours.

Spring Break – Time to work on those guns and abs for beach weather, which is where we focused today.  Safe travels to the Pax on the road this week.

There was a fair amount of mumble chatter from Saab and about Saab during the COP regarding the usual aspects of his form and so forth.  Mumble chatter ended with the Beast and resumed post workout.

Some good discussion about CSAUP.  Less than two weeks to go.  Time to train or taper depending on the individual.  Either way, its coming.  Come ready.

Pucker is taking point on the Tuckahoe Party Zone.  Are there a couple of others (Plush, Keymaster, Ronnie, Two Can….) who can join Pucker?

Always Be Tapering,




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  1. Solid Q Lockjaw. My threesome with Kubota and Mr Holland during Boo-Yahs was both innovative and effective.

    I think I finally nailed the form on Dive Bombers. Can’t wait to try them at home.

  2. Great morning and great Q, Lockjaw! Besides one garbage truck, it was eerily quiet out there. Happy to perform Trio Booyah’s with you Saab and Mr. Holland! Great laughs!

  3. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw a ménage a merkins being performed. I didn’t know that move could be performed.

    Way to kick off the COP with the bird and an epic stare down with Saab. Clearly he was uncomfortable, especially during DQs. If only Saab could grow a mustache he would definitely look like Wyatt Earp.

  4. That threesome looked so easy and comfortable. Such chemistry!

    Speaking of Booyahs 3 sets of 8 2-ct is a serious smoker.