Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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With spring break upon us, YHC knew Rosie and Gumbo were not posting. So, would this be YHC first solo Q and work out…..nope. YHC arrived to see Wedding Singer waiting and right on the heels of Lugnut and his 2.0 and FNGal. YHC claimed the Q and explained the route.  Up Twin Team and R on Ellesmere. R on Brigstock running to Twin Team. L on Twin Team and back to Betty Weaver=4 mile route. 5 mile route planned for Wedding Singer and YHC if needed.  At the end, 4 miles for all 4 PAX members this am. Great work men and young lady! Perfect way to start our Monday.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements. YHC took us out!!

NMS-Great to see Wedding Singer this morning. Circle K-chalk up a kill with your tire workout several weeks ago. Singer has been battling a back ailment ever since then! AND, Congratulations to Wedding Singer and his family for the birth of his new son, Sebastian! 2nd 2.0 is 2 1/2 weeks old, healthy, and family is settling in! YHC partnered up with Singer and our run was all about the 2nd F! At Brigstock, YHC and Singer decided on 4 miles and finished with a loop around JRHS.

YHC looped back to pick up Lugnut and FNG as they moseyed down Twin Team. As YHC and Lugnut crossed 711 at the light, we heard shouting from a car. YHC thought, who is pissed at us at 0614 in the am. Aaahhh, it was Singer off to tend to family duties! Awesome to see Lugnut and his 2.0 at River Run before heading back to Highpoint today.  Some explanations required for FNG as PAX headed to COT. And DK, in spirit this morning, YHC and Lugnut took approx. 5 minutes to name our FNG. Welcome, Lagoon!! YHC is reminded this morning that 2nd F is equally as important as the other F’s!! Great work Wedding Singer and congrats on your family news!! Lugnut, YHC hopes that one day his 2.0, in college, will post with her dad for a morning run before returning to school. RESPECT!!

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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Thanks for running with me Flatline, you kept me at a good pace as I’m trying to get my legs back under me. Good catching up buddy. Sorry I had to bolt.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    no worries CK, it’s a continually reoccurring injury that I need to be more careful about. Lifting human-sized tires can do it to me.