Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

April Fools


Three April Fools, a pup, and a Saab were on the trail this Easter Morning, the first day of the month.

No jokes. Small group today I presume due to vacations and Easter, etc. It was really nice weather to get out and we nearly had the trail to ourselves.

Offshore, EF Hutton, Sally (K9), and YHC decided to cross the bridge and take Buttermilk down to Belle Isle and return on the North Bank.

Some good conversation and a Saab sighting. YHC appreciates the team accommodating his slowness and Sally for always keeping an eye on me to make sure I’m not lagging too far behind.

Short and sweet. Thanks for the run today guys. Have a good rest of your weekend and start your week off well.


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  1. Glad I got to see you on the trail fellas. Bootleg’s pithy to my question regarding ‘how you feeling’ had me smiling the rest of the run.

  2. Thanks for taking the lead on the BB, Bootleg, and way to work through the hamstring tightness. Enjoyed the conversation with you and EF, and good to see Saab.