Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



5 men and 4 2.0s climbed down from the fartsack trees and gathered in the 70 and sunny weather. Here is what went down

quick run around the church

COP all In cadence

SSH x 10

Merkins x 10

LBC x 10

Arm Circles 10 small, 5 big and reverso

Four Corners

Bear Crawl with a Hand Release Merkin every five steps or Lunge with 3 Hand Release Burpees every five steps to corners 1 and 2

Corner 1 – 10 V-ups

Corner 2 – 20 Flutter Kicks

Crawl Bear with a Hand Release Merkin every five steps or Backwards Lunge with 3 Hand Release Burpees every five steps to corners 3 and 4

Corner 3 – 30 LBCs

Corner 4 – 40 Supermans (Supermen?)

Mosey back to the flag



Chewy took us out


YHC and his crew of 2.0s arrived at the AO with time to spare, to see Emoji waiting for us in the parking lot. The flag was planted and the rest of the PAX came rolling in shortly after. YHC’s younger 2.0s have stated that they want jto Q for their birthday. So the COP was given over to them to count cadence and call the exercises, they look ready, and the PAX should expect something interesting in May.

Welcome to Koala (Drop Bear). She arrived with a look of determination and stayed with The Carpenter the whole time refusing to not finish with the rest of the PAX. Hope to see you back out soon.

Quick note. Yardsale is trying to gather volunteers for what sounds like the sketchiest game of bingo in the state. An i think that something about having to do it for Community Service was mentioned.

Good work was done by all

As always, it was an honor to lead.

info on drop bears https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_bear


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  1. The Carpenter on

    This morning was a blast on all fronts. I was overwhelmed with joy that I finally got one of my 2.0s to join up with the PAX. She is the youngest of four but she may be the toughest after what I saw this morning. She may be named Koala but her other name (Drop Bear) may be the long term designation. Thank you, Mudface, for a great Q!

  2. Great Work out Mud face. 36 hours later my shoulders are still saying YEAH!! I guess if you polar bear or BACKWARD-crawl, or backward lunge around an entire church compound with multiple merkins/burpies every five steps, your uusually-unused muscles will learn how to develop back to a younger version of yourself. WELL DONE. I’m 32 again. Koala-Drop Bear crushed it. must be good PK genes!……. 40 Supermen for the lower back balance great audible!