Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Double Nickel


12 brave souls emerged from the fartsack for a beautiful March morning.  Weather is turning to springtime finally and the temperature was a perfect 70 and sunny for the workout

The Thang

Mosey towards the road to the lake.  COP.  55 SSH, 30 arm circles, 10 windmills.  Mosey across the street and towards the lake.  Partner up for the Double Nickel.  First partner runs to the light, does five burpees and returns, second partner doing exercises.  Exercises are 55 hand release merkins, 155 jump squats, 255 WWII setups, 355, SSH, 455 LBC.  Mosey a few feet and grab a curb for curb crawls.  Ascending and descending to 5, repeating 5.  Exercises are incline and decline hand release merkins.  Mosey back towards the shovel flag, stop at intersection for five hand release merkins.  Circle up for ring of fire, 5 hand release merkins a piece  Final exercise is american hammers x 55.  Mosey to the flag and TYA took us out.


Birthday Q’s are always fun, that and I haven’t been to Wdog in a bit.  That made for a great return for me.  I really love the AO as there are so many things to do there and the variety makes the workouts interesting.  Theme of the day centered around the age.  Usually I don’t really give a hoot about how old I am, but for some reason, the double nickel has been really bothering me.  Being the numbers guy, I keep doing the stupid math.  for example, I am as close to Wheelbarrows age as I am to 82, I am as close to Splinters age as I am to 71.  Shit, that f$5k’ing old.  But, not a lot you can do about it.  I’ll keep the same philosophy I’ve been using for years.  Do as much as you can do now, hit it hard, and try to be in at least as good a shape next year as you are today.

On the double nickel, we broke up into pairs.  As everyone was pairing up, I ended up being the odd man out.  No problem, I teamed up with Swirly and Sippy (not a bad pair of dudes to have on your team) and jumped into the exercises.  It all made sense to me until the COP when we counted off and had an even number of guys (12).  How the heck was there an odd man out when there were 12 guys there.  Circle K thought he was the odd man out as well and joined one of the other teams.  Note to self.  When Q’ing if you can count the guys out there, you might avoid having two odd men out.

The double nickel was a long exercise and took us about a half hour to complete.  it was not, however, the exercise that got the most complaints.  The incline hand release merkins were tough.  There were two challenges.  First, you definitely had to look out for the dental work.  Too quick a movement or the wrong positioning of the body and you were in trouble.  Second, pushing up your whole upper body from an incline position is challenging. YHC had to rely on a kipping motion to be able to get his body off the ground after the first several rounds.

TSB (my daughter Leigh) and MLWK (my lovely wife Kay) surprised us with breakfast and OJ at the end of the workout.  I couldn’t have been happier to see them out there today.  It is the little things in life that make you feel special.  My daughter thinking of doing that for me and them both willing to get up at 530 to pull it off is something Ill remember for a long time.

Theme of the day is Urgency.  We always think that we can do something tomorrow or in a year.  Live life today.  Acknowledge the precious time you have in life and use it to the fullest.  What a blessing that we have the capability and means to do just about anything we want.  Seize the day!



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Truly an honor to lead this morning. What a great group of guys that pushes and encourages you every day. Humbled to lead.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Happy Birthday Brother ! Solid Q – excellent words of wisdom at the end! Great tribute by your family to come with breakfast to celebrate your birthday ! Your a numbers guy,really ? No way 🙂
    Way to work guys – see y’all in the gloom…

  3. Marcel Marceau on

    Great workout TYA! The double nickle workout kicked my butt. Your closing words have thinking about what I am putting off in my life – and that a good thing. Cheers!

  4. Happy Birthday, TYA! Sorry to have missed it, but I will definitely be there for part two tomorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday TYA! Even if you are a quarter of a century older, you still kick my butt most days and are doing things I can’t even imagine doing. Double Respect!!!

    It sometimes feels odd being the youngest guy out at almost every workout I attend, but then I think about what the other people my age are missing out on: role models like TYA that show up, push themselves, and work towards being better men every day. That is the kind of people I want to surround myself with – where else can you get all that and a workout!

  6. Happy Birthday TYA! Also love seeing newer guys like Handshake posting several times a week, aye!

  7. Happy BDAY TYA. Great Q. Even though I was succumbed to fartsack for a couple of extra minutes, I am always glad I posted afterwards.

  8. Happy Birthday TYA! This was an outstanding Q and you are an aboslute warrior. Your M & 2.0 are pretty awesome and a dark thirty breakfast suprise was great. Love the theme – urgency.

    I once heard that John Wooden would tell his players to be quick, but don’t rush. But I bet that JW never did Incline HRM!

  9. Happy Birthday TYA. Great looking Q – way to show the PAX that you are definitely in better shape today than you were last year with several incredible milestones under your belt this year. RESPECT to that brother!

    Thanks for leading by example. Have a great birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday and major respect not only for the workout, but for the way you lead Richmond F3. I’ve grown to appreciate your thoughtful conversations in this last year. It seems like every time we talk, you have previously thought about something you wanted to tell or ask me about. That kind of thoughtfulness and intentionality in relationships is rare and is something I aspire to.

  11. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Parts 2 and 3 on Thursday and Friday should be fun..see you in the gloom in the morning.

  12. TYA, happy birthday brother! Well, spoken Wheelbarrow! And yes, your 2.0 and M=RESPECT!