Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Da Bears.


6 Dudes showed up this morning for a beary exciting workout.  Here was the flow…

Bear Crawl Mosey to grassy area
ATM’s, Doggie Paddles (also known as the hundred), rollups, freddy mercuries, gas pumps. figure 4 lbc’s, doggie paddles, dying cockroach, doggie paddles, bird dogs, flutter kicks, tabletops

To the road…
Run to each light.  At each light complete 5 merkins, then hold low plank until the 6 is done.

To the poles…
1.grab a pole, pax holds 6 inches, first member does 10 leg lifts then bear crawls to the end  repeato until all have completed.
2. grab a pole, 6 inches, 10 merkins and a bear crawl

Alternate bear crawling and sprinting to successive trees on the way to the next exercise area.

Two teams of three…
First member of team Bear Crawls from the sidewalk to the donkey kick wall.  10 donkey kicks there and then back down.  tag up.  Other members are doing hand release merkins.

All to the wall for a round of mountain donkeys

Indian Bear Crawl till we get to the blacktop.  Each pax member did it two times.

Back to the flag for some scissor kicks, flutterkicks, and LBC’s

Numbers, Names, and over and out.

YHC has been having plantar fasciitis issues recently and is bothered by running, so YHC decided to Q this one, knowing he had control over the amount of running we did today.  Missed seeing Carpenter and Spit there this morning.  They would have enjoyed this workout.

YHC is never really sure how his workouts go.  Is this too easy?  Is this too hard.  YHC always thinks his workouts are way too easy.  It might be that extra energy one gets from being the Q.  Anyways, it was a fun morning of bear crawling around Atlee.   Let’s EH some people we haven’t seen in a while since the weather is making a turn this week for the better.  See you all in the gloom.



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  1. Looks fantastic! Well done Opus! So sorry I missed it. I’m back in town and looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. No worries about being too easy. That workout smoked my core! Doggie paddles are awesome, when I can get the balance right.