Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Track is Much Easier Without Snow


2 Davillians climbed out of their fart sack for a change of pace at Tomato Run.

This how it went down


Mosey to the track to get in some speed work

  • 1 800 meter run (at 5k pace) (1 lap recovery) 
  • 2 400 meter runs (at mile pace) (200 meter recovery)
  • 4 200 meter runs (90% speed) (100 meter recovery)
  • 4 100 meter runs (90% speed) (15 to 20 sec recovery)

Mosey back to the parking lot


YHC decided last night after running 5 of last 7 days than a change in pace was needed. At 5:29 YHC was about to be the lone wolf but and true Phonics style, he made is arrival and off we went

Phonics reminder that last time we did speedwork, the track was covered with about 1/4 inch of snow.





  1. Nice work gents! Hopefully Mudface and I will be back next week–currently trying to recover from a weekend camping with our Y-Guides group!

  2. Great job this morning Spit. It was nice being able to see the entire track this morning. I wonder how long the man, woman, and dog worked out? They were there before we arrived and were still working out when we left.