Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ride the Ponies


Ten stallions mounted up for the latest version of The Hoedown.  The school security cameras recorded the following tale:

The Thang:
Mosey to the front of the school for the COP.
Arm circles x10 small, then reverso
Helicopters x10
Arm circles x10 big, x5 reverso
LBC’s x25
Flutter kicks x25
T-Release Mercans x10

Mosey to the Clothes Drop Off Canister

Partner up
Round 1: First man bear crawls across parking lot, 5 mercans at the curb
Second man performs Bernie Sanders on the blacktop hill

Round 2: First man duck walks across parking lot, 5 Carolina dry docks at the curb
Second man performs Bernie Sanders on the blacktop hill

Mosey to Horseshoe for Wild Pony Races

Partner up.  Just like a rodeo…First man carries second man around the circle.  Switching part-way through permitted…and each man does 5 Dry Docks with each switch.  Teams race for glory.  2 rounds…first round clockwise; second round counter-clockwise.

Al Gore for the six.

5 burpees, just ‘cuz.

Mosey approximately 17 feet to the east for Elevens

Elevens…4 count mountain climbers and Snow Angels.  Run in between.

Mosey to Aroma-Mobile to pick up coupons…then to the Wall of Pain

Individual Triple Check…
Wonder Bra x20 (Push ’em up, Push ’em out)
Donkey Kicks x20
Run the Horseshoe

Circle Up…Quick Ring of Fire
Mercans x10


Number-am-a, Name-a-rama, Marv took us out


The PAX were notified to appear for the CSAUP on April 13.  If you are not already on a team, send a note to HoneyDo.

Offshore reminded YHC of the 10k Training Team that Offshore, Shakedown, Swiper, Lab Rat, and others are helping with at The Healing Place.  Come join the PAX after Dogpile on Saturday to teach grown adults how to count in cadence during the warm up.  4 or 5 mile run to follow.

Offshore also shared that there are two clinics on Saturday with the Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities at Bellemeade Community Center.  From 9-11 there is a soccer clinic and 11-1 a kayaking clinic for kids 5-15.   Get in touch with Offshore or give the community center a call at 646-8235 for more details.

All the talk of kayaking brings back memories of the Gold Medal YHC once received for perfecting the “wet exit.”  Qualifications include a) absolute and utter failure to perform any successful Eskimo rolls, b) executing the secondary method for exiting the boat and remaining alive. By analogy, this is akin to being so bad at parachuting that one perfects the use of the secondary chute.


Note 1: YHC’s quads are already sore.

Note 2: With Q-bota & Family on the DL (get better soon!), YHC was inserted as the spot Q for today’s workout.  Nice to get back out with the PAX for a beatdown as YHC has been galavanting across this fine country quite a bit recently.  Nice to see BT this morning at someplace other than an airport (Note: YHC and BT have now bumped into each other in Phoenix and Orlando, neither with a lick of planning).

Note 3: YHC isn’t sure whether there was limited mumble chatter or perhaps YHC’s hearing is just terrible.  HoneyDo did question the etymology of the term “Bernie Sanders.”  Is it because the PAX “Feel the Bern,” or perhaps because the futility of the exercise is analogous to the futility of socialism (YHC chuckles at the marketing geniuses who created “democratic socialism”).  YHC believes the name comes from the exercise making the PAX feel like old, balding men who can’t walk afterwards.

Note 4: The PAX crushed the Wild Pony races today.  Special string of roses to Marv who put in a strong final furlong to bring home victory in Round 2.  Well done.

Final note: Put in a little extra thought this week for Lab Rat and his family…keep his Dad in your prayers.  Hope all goes well, my friend.


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  1. Thanks again for picking up the Q, Upchuck! Looks like a good one this morning. Hope to be back out there soon!

  2. Great fun this morning Upchuck. Mumblechatter during the Bernie Sanders centered around the turd wailer of a basketball player called Grayson Allen. Seemed to be a unanimous position.

  3. Oh, and kudos to Garbage Plate for chasing the garbage truck down the street to recycle the plastic that fell from said truck. Dedication!

  4. What can I say? I ordered Chinese and the fortune cookie said,”Coupons are a discount paid for in sweat.”

  5. Sorry to have missed, good work fellas, sounds like a fun one! Can’t wait to be back in the mix in a couple weeks after work travel…