Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Lucky 7 for Modified Twin Team Hill Repeats


A lucky 7 posted to Twin Team on this sunny and 70 morning that was sneaky cold.  YHC pulled in a little before 0515 to see Rosie preparing to get some pre-game miles…SURE, I’m in, let’s go.  Well with YHC throttling down the pace, we arrived back at the flag about 30 seconds after the Bell rang — no fear,  with DK being the wily veteran that he is, he got COP started with SSHs near the cars in the fresh diesel-fume-filled air…Thanks DK.

YHC claimed the Q and we mosey to the side of the school for some fresher air for the remainder of COP, including:

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Helicopters
  • DQs
  • Arm Circles

Mosey back to YHC’s car to pick up some props (jump rope and 2 kettle bells) and then continue the mosey across Robious Rd to the base of Twin Team Hill for instruction on the Modified Hill repeats.  YHC would run up the hill/mountain about 100-125 years and place lights at a mailbox for Position A and start doing SSHs while waiting to be relieved in the rotation.

The remainder of the PAX stayed at the base and performed the following AMRAP until PAX member gets back from Position A:

  • Goblet squats with 35lb KB
  • KB Swings with 25lb – your choice or alternate between single-arm or double-arm swings
  • Jump Rope
  • Box Cutters
  • Freddie Mercuries

6th man would sprint up the hill to Position A and switch with YHC to do SSHs.  YHC sprints back downhill to the group to trigger the next rotation….Clear?

Continue the rotation until each PAX member has completed the full rotation twice.

Gather the props and mosey back to the parking lot for 3 MOM, including a 6-inches/Hello Dolly Ring of Fire and then Flutter Kicks in cadence until the Closing Bell Rang (25 or 30).

COT, Number-rama, Namearama and DK took us out with some words of wisdom and hope that we can do our part to spread some goodness and kindness and some optimism that by doing so maybe we can change the narrative out there today.  Great thoughts DK – let’s all do our part!

Also great to have Bullseye back out.  Well done today brother.  And, thanks to Mr. Holland for crossing the border to join us SOJ.

Only Announcement was CSAUP – get those miles in or sign up to help with the party stops or after-party.

Have a great Friday men!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Kettlebells and hills, great work. And as Mr. Holland reminded us, you don’t get to see shooting stars and satellites when you are working out at the gym.

  2. Great job fellas! Love the ingenuity Gumbo – looks like a great Q. I was waffling on where to post this morning right up until I pulled out of the driveway…ended up posting at RAMM to do CSAUP prep but I feel like I missed a doozy!

  3. Thanks Wheelbarrow. Can never go wrong with getting some miles in pre-CSAUP. Post-CSAUP, come on out to TT and we’ll run this back — on the steeper part of the hill at Rosie’s request!