Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Boots Returned!


3 Regular SOT, 1 reg SOJ, and 1 FNG posted to Source Of Truth for a virgin Q at SOT and virgin post to SOT by Flatline. Isle 5 came barreling through the parking lot as YHC and Rosie took off at 0530. Mosey around the parking lot and gather the clown car. 0532….and off The PAX went for YHC virgin Q of SOT.

Run 3 laps around bus loop to warm up with rain and sleet now blessing us and COP- x15 Helicopters, X15 Invisible Jump Rope, x 15 Imperial Walkers, x 15 Don Quixote’s. Time to Mosey to corner of teachers parking lot. Isle 5 was providing intel to Rosie and YHC about the FNG-a friend of Dirty Rice.

YHC took an exercise from Dogpile last weekend one step further- Triple Dime. Starting in corner of teacher’s parking lot (bottom of the hill), performed x 10 American Hammers and run to the top of parking lot near front of the school and x 10 Merkins and back down the hill= 1 repetition. Perform 10 reps.

Mosey 100 yards to the R of parking for 4 corners. First corner x 10 WWII situps; second corner x 20 2 count Mountain Climbers, third corner X30 squats, fourth corner X 40 SSH and repeat back down from 4,3,2,1 corners.

With 5 minutes to spare, mosey to entrance of the school and utilize those steps. Modified Butkus…..x2, 1 minute stair step exercises.  As Rosie stated, “One minute is kinda long.”

Mosey back to the parking lot…..Number-ama, Name-r-ama, and Announcements. YHC took us out!

NMS–First, Isle 5 introduced FNG as Mo during our run at the beginning. YHC thought this was his F3 name but wrong, it was his real name. So at COT, PAX asked several questions to FNG and BOOM his favorite band=Nirvana. In unison Rosie and YHC spoke, “Teen Spirit.” Done and welcome Teen Spirit! Isle 5, way to get your 2.0 and FNG out this am. Dirty Rice does like to change wardrobes, frequently! Rosie, SOP-way to bare the legs! In mornings like this, YHC does believe in boots and waterproof parkas over hoodie or 100% cotton. YHC thought this was going to be a solo workout but Rosie rolled in at 0525 and clown car at 0531.

Gentlemen, you posted this morning and that is awesome!!! You can do ANYTHING for 45 minutes, including working out in rain, sleet, and snow! Thank you for following. Welcome Teen Spirit, again. YHC will always remember his virgin Q at SOT.

Only those who post understand!! Loud and Proud!



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  1. Did not realize that was your virgin SOT post Flatline, way to step up and bring it. So much more to that AO that we can explore when you come back. I noticed the boots out today, too bad the snow didn’t start until we were about to end. Aisle 5 and Dirty Rice have turned into SOT regulars and have now added the FNG to the mix. Welcome Teen Spirit, hope to see him back out.

  2. Well done men. Sorry to not have been there for your Virgin SOT experience Flatline.

    In the Karma department, after burning the candle at both ends for work for several days, I made the decision to fartsack this morning….then my 6 year old daughter greeted me at 0520 this morning hacking up a lung in my face…#shouldhaveposted #justgetup #neverdisappointedwhenupost

    Way to go fellas. Welcome Teen Spirit! We all know HoneyDo will be pleased with the Nirvana love…can’t wait to see Teen Spirit out for the next HoneyDo Grunge Themed Beatdown.

  3. Aye, we are 23 years out from Silverchair’s classic debut. Might need another theme day soon.

  4. Yup, first time at SOT and will return. AO is big but muck boots would have been needed this morning! Way to post gents! And we did do more than 90% by showing up!