Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two Years of DaVille


7 committed warriors jumped out of the fart sack into a soaking wet DaVille two-year birthday party that went something like this…

Parking lot tracers (dedicated to Lab Rat)

Mosey to the basketball court behind the school for the COP.

COP All IC – 20 SSHs, 10 merkins, 20 LBCs, 10 merkins, 20 imperial walkers, 10 merkins, 20 copperhead squats, 10 merkins, 10 don quixotes, arm circles, 10 merkins.

Suicides (dedicated to Circle K) – Suicide followed by 30 invisible jump ropes. Rinse & repeat

Mosey to the school wall.

Donkey kick party (dedicated to Opus) – 5 donkey kicks, touch a tree, increase by 5 up to 20 with touching a different tree in between, descend back down to 5 with touching a different tree in between.

Mosey to the road to the nearest light post.

4×4 trail (dedicated to Spit) – Partner up. One partner runs the road to the last light post at the end of the football field parking lot and back while the other partner does two 4x4s at each light post. Switch and repeat until the last light post.

LBC trail (dedicated to Phonics) – Return on the road to the original light post while stopping to do 5 LBCs at each light post.

Mosey to the flag. 20 flutter kicks IC to finish.

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.

Announcements: Let’s continue to pray for Lab Rat’s Dad and support our brother in this time.


It is incredible to think that the first DaVille workout was on 3/22/16 and that almost two years has passed since the launch of F3 up north in Mechanicsville. YHC clearly remembers that first morning and Abacus’ challenge via text to show up. Circle K led a beat down that morning and YHC did not want to disappoint for this two year birthday party of DaVille! YHC included specific exercises to honor those who have made some significant contributions to the DaVille pain over the years.

The rain was pounding the windows at 4:30 am and it woke up some of the PAX so some were ready to roll as soon as they arrived. The PAX stepped out of their cars around 5:26 am and waited for Phonics to arrive at his normal 5:29:57 time. He didn’t disappoint.

The PAX launched into a set of parking lot tracers in honor of Lab Rat. The PAX attacked them at a lightning pace and it elicited comments from Lab Rat (big surprise?). The parking lot tracers seemed more like a sprint than a time to stretch and warm up.

The move to the basketball court immediately brought up countless memories of Circle K and his dedication to suicides. The COP worked in YHC’s favorite COP set of merkins that added up to 50 IC (100 total) right out of the gate. The PAX groaned as expected and that was a sign of strong start.  The suicides were somewhat tricky with Lake Mechanicsville right in the middle of the court.  The PAX avoided swimming as part of the workout and nailed the suicides with reckless abandon. The invisible jump ropes also paid homage to Circle K.

The move to the wall brought out comments about the missing Opus. Opus has been recovering from an injury so he had a valid reason for staying in the fart sack. The PAX didn’t know this during the workout however. The donkey kicks brought up memories of Opus starting us with them before doing anything else in some of his Q’s. Donkey kicks are a lot more difficult when the ground is muddy/slippery.

The 4x4s on the road provided ample opportunity for muscle failure but the PAX steamrolled it. Spit introduced us to 4x4s. My first memory of them was at Dogpile during one of his Q’s. They have become one of YHC’s favorites because of the amount of pain that can be dished out in short order.

The LBCs on the way back were dedicated to Phonics because of his memories of cold, wet workouts over the past two years at DaVille. The goal was to soak up AS MUCH WATER as possible. Goal achieved. Mission accomplished. The PAX was soaked!

YHC could have included many more exercises to honor the DaVillians who have left it all on the fields and parking lots over the past two years. We could have sprinted around the bus loop for Spike. We could have done all kinds of crazy squats for Helix. We could have done lunges from Atlee High School to Washington D.C. and back for Emoji. We could have done some skull crushers for Yardsale. We could have sprinted across fields for Wheelie. We could have done some pole smokers for anyone else…

DaVille is always a party! The last two years have provided countless memories and opportunities to engage in challenging workouts as a team. The truth of “the workouts do not get easier but you will get stronger” continues to ring true every F3 morning in the gloom!

Happy 2 year Birthday, DaVille!

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  1. Great Q THE Carpenter. I woke up at about 415 due to the rain coming down in sheets sideways. Couldnt wait to get tot he workout knowing that your brothers would be ready to give it their all in the slop. Two great years at DaVille

  2. Great Q Carpenter! You keep us moving the whole time which help us not think about how cold the rain was.

    Cheers to the next two years in DaVille!

  3. Well done Davillians! Congrats on 2 years out there.

    Great to see LabRat in the PAX – lots of prayers going up for you and your pops.