Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blacktop Beast


9 strong posted @ No Toll this morning in the pouring rain and here is how it went down.

COP: Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, SSH’s, AC’s

Black top Beast : Beast in the parking lot to save the beautiful fields  of No Toll. Exercises 6 @ each stop 3 up 3 back – Hand release merkins, LBC’s Workins, V’ups, Merkins, Burpees.

Bleachers : 20 dips – 15 incline merkins lap around the parking lot – repeat 3 times .

10 decline merkins – 10 step ups 3 sets

Tennis Courts : Lunge across court – 10 donkey kicks – Russian Solder across – 10 donkey kicks – Karaoke ( 2 times)  across courts 10 – donkey kicks – High Knees across court 10 donkey kicks –  Butt kickers across court – 10 donkey kicks.

Burpee shuffle – 2 times

Ring of Fire – 10 merkins/plank

Mary – Cross leg Lifts, APD’s Flutter Kicks , 6 inches.

Moleskin : Love it that 9 warriors posted this morning cause their mind set was Sunny and 70 baby ! We splashed around during the warm up and saw Tobit and Hardywood making their way toward us in the rain – and then Flange found us! The pax was all in during the beast – face first with hand release merkins – love the positive attitudes fellas ! YHC heard lot’s of grunts and moans during the 6 inches and luckily Tobit stayed injury free during the burpee shuffle – un like the last time…. Honeymoon was ready to roll Dogs and Kids – errr… freaken rain… So not much chatter at the end – Rosie took us out. Great to have Flange back out there – way to post on a rainy 40 degree day – atta baby  – corporate sees you!

Excellent job fellas way to push !

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great way to start the day guys – awesome job !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Never a doubt that Swirly was going to fully embrace the elements but HRM right out of the gate in the best followed by LBCs…HELLO, should have brought my snorkel! Not a dry spot anywhere after 2 rounds. Nice work and way to blast the shoulders throughout the Beast.

    Way to dive in and push through fellas. Great to see Flange back out in adverse elements.

    Have a great day guys!

  3. The PAX: You know Swirly, there’s a covered pavilion over there…
    Swirly: Lets do a beast right here in the parking lot with a 1/2 inch of water standing in it. Let’s start with Hand-release Merkins!

    Swirly – way to just dive right in man and get that out of the way. Looked 70 and sunny to me, too.

  4. It is appropriate that both Gumbo and Sugar Sock mentioned “dive right in” I think I could have into some of those puddles. Great to have Flange back out but I am sure he got a shock when the first thing he heard as I was explaining the beast was hand release merkins. He crushed it anyway, well done Flange.

  5. I sent Swirly a text this morning at 515. I could tell from his response to that text that this beatdown would be no joke.

  6. Whew was that a way to start the day! Way to lead Swirly! I’ll be at the laundry mat using the industrial dryer if anyone needs me. Take care boys!

  7. Way to bring it fellas. You guys are total warriors. This was a hard physical and mental workout. I pulled out all the tricks I knew to stay positive. There is zero chance I would do this by myself. Thanks for the push fellas!

  8. Pulling up later than usual and finding the PAX already gone, I just naturally assumed that I would be running all the way to the pavilion….nope!

    But then COP ended and I assumed we would mosey to the pavilion….nope!

    And then I hear “hand release merkins” and my eyes searched for dry spots in the parking lot….nope!

    I’m gonna echo Hardywood with “there is zero chance I would do this by myself”. Thanks Swirly for pushing us hard this morning!