Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Anniversary Kickoff


The week started the right away for two runners who descended on Atlee High School parking lot in order to take off on a run that went something like this…

Leave the parking lot and follow the road behind the high school around toward the entrance to the Honey Meadows neighborhood. Go through that neighborhood until the cut-through that leads to the Kings Charter neighborhood. Run on the main road until the first clubhouse and turn right. Head on that road, up the hill, turn and return the same way all the way back to the start for a total of roughly 5 miles.


YHC arrived with a sense of expectancy for the start of his anniversary week. YHC’s first post was to the opening day of DaVille on Tuesday, 3/22/16. Today’s run started from that same location. Tomorrow’s DaVille fun fest (aka. beat down) will start there as well.

Spit stormed into the parking lot beeping his horn and driving in a massive circle around YHC’s car. He was wide awake and ready to smash the run. We took off running into the gloom with conversations about the NCAA tournament. Spit shared that he was ready with words about UVA’s historic loss but then UNC tanked… Only one team wins. All the others lose. March Madness is a fan-killer for sure!

Spit demonstrated how his commitment to running is yielding clear fruit with his pace. He helped to push YHC and keep the challenge fresh throughout the run. YHC took Spit on a new road to give him a little hill. The hill is nothing like the ones at other running AO’s around the RVA but it gave a little taste to keep us honest. Spit broke from the PAX (me) and moved ahead in order to challenge himself on the way back. He made the right decision as YHC started to reveal his lack of long-distance running. YHC was looking for a “break” in the form of burpees, 4x4s or some other insane exercise but there was nothing but one foot in front of the other this morning. The rest of the week will provide an opportunity for that FUN!

Spit recorded just over 5 miles for the run. He circled back a few times to meet up with YHC so the total for the run was somewhere around 5 miles.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


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  1. The Carpenter on

    Spit, thanks for the encouragement and challenges this morning. I enjoyed the running AO this morning. I need to roll down to the city and SOJ to try some others in order to vary the workout experiences.

  2. Great route this morning Carpenter! Enjoy catching up. Congrats on your two years! Looking forward to what you have planned the rest of the week.