Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny




Nine steely eyed quants convened in the cool air this morning for a big data birthday celebration of sorts.  Mosey over to the church parking lot for a quick disclaimer and then COP.  We never left.

SSH – x50
Helicopters – x13
Russian Soldiers – x13
Knee Pulls – x13
LBCx – x50

The Thang
Prisoner cell workout.  Everyone grab a parking spot and don’t leave until we complete 1000 exercises.  25 of each of the following exercises, some were in cadence, some OYO.  Repeat the entire sequence for a total of 2 times through.

1-100 and 501-600
Star Jacks

101-200 and 601-700
Imperial Walkers (4 count)
Box Jumps
Flutter Kicks (2 count)

201-300 and 701-800
Mountain Climbers (4 count)
Calf Raises
Pole Smokers

301-400 and 801-900
Hillbillies (4 count)
Windshield Wipers (4 count)
Lunges (2 count)
American Hammer (2 count)

401-500 and 901-1000
Tuck Jumps
Diamond Merkins
Jump Squats
Reverse Crunches

Mosey back to the flag 90 seconds late where YHC took us out.

YHC almost forgot he signed up to Q until checking the sign-up sheet just prior to bed.  A few weeks ago YHC had plans for a tribute to all sorts of data as on 3/19/2017 the machine started collecting workout stats on it’s own.  All YHC was able to muster on short notice was a quick tally of 1139.  That is how many workouts have occurred in the RVA region in the last year.  Kind of a mind boggling number when you look at it.  As a tribute, the hoes today did 1139 exercises.  Apologies to the PAX for bringing us in a little late.

There were definitely some arbitrary exercises in there that were needed to catch our breath from some of the more difficult ones, including the Star Jumps, Windshield Wipers and Tuck Jumps.  The mountain climbers followed by werkins were no joke either.  A real diabolical Q could have turned this into a bloodbath.

Enjoy the day fellas.  Thanks for tolerating another Splinter Q.

Honeydo is recruiting for his CSAUP team.  Still time to taper.

Splinter out.



  1. Thanks for all the exercises this morning, #bigdata! I’m glad it was 1139 instead of 1150, don’t think I could have made it. Good Q, Splinter! Have a great Monday all!

  2. Awesome prison cell work out. Afterwards, I went home and ironed out a grilled cheese sandwhich inside a paper bag on the radiator to finish out the theme.

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