Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A quintet


A strong five posted on the day after St Patty’s day for a morning run.

The Thang:

Run across bridge to buttermilk.  Buttermilk to clockwise around Forrest Hill park and the back to the pump house.  7 miles in all.


You can just never tell how a run is going to go.  I was feeling pretty good this morning and I felt like I was pushing myself and moving pretty good.  The rest of the PAX also looked strong today and steadily pulled away from me.  Not an unusual occurrence, but like I said, I thought I was doing well.  Bad news, is the clock doesn’t lie.  Despite my best efforts, all I could muster was a mediocre pace.  it felt strong and I felt pretty good, but the clock said differently.  Oh well, the running gods will pay me back with a run that feels crappy and when I look down the watch will say I rocked through the miles.

Great 2nd F at ET’s after the run.  The entire group posted to Ellwoods and had breakfast this am.  Varied conversation ranging from Upchuck’s previous nights’ conversation about the mating rituals of teens to the proper way to make a muffin so it has the perfect top, yet is easily removed from the paper lining.




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  1. Don’t forget attributes of long jackets coupled with short shorts.

    Never get tired of forest hill…

    Never mind the clock buddy…steady is the drip….

  2. Didnt know you had a problem with muffin sticking to the paper, since you eat the damn paper!

    Missed y’all today. Back in the RVA for now.