Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Murph is at The Creek!


12 bonny lads showed up in the gloom to commemorate an early St. Patrick’s Day and crush a workout.

YHC decided to introduce the Murph to The Creek, so we started off with a mile run, and after a bit of confusion all of the Pax killed it and some even put in extra credit before YHC could flag them down.  Mosey to the picnic table pavilion for COP, IC:

18 SSH, because Ireland joined Britain in 1800 to form the United Kingdom

5 Merkins, because the Potato Famine lasted 5 years, from 1845-1849

22 Imperial Walkers, because the Irish Civil War, begin by Michael Collins, started in 1922

11 arm circles, big and small, then reverso, because St. Patrick died in 461 AD (4+6+1)

20 LBC’s for March 17 (3+17), the date on which St. Patrick died


The Murph, OYO

100 Dips              200 leg raises, while holding a potato between your feet             300 jump squats, because it’s also March Madness

Run a mile to finish the Murph

Mosey to the SF, plank up for 2 minutes while YHC reads St. Patrick Day facts:

-St Patty’s Day is the celebrated in more countries than any other national holiday

-Myth: St. Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland.  There were never snakes in Ireland, and this is allegorical (thanks Opus) because his Christian ministry drove out the Druids, who were supposedly snake worshippers

-Lenten restrictions are traditionally lifted on St. Patrick’s Day, so indulge if you wish tomorrow!

-the 3 leaf shamrock supposedly is associated with St. Patrick because he used it to explain the Holy Trinity

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC had a lot of fun coming up with this workout, and it seemed the PAX enjoyed it as well, because they crushed it.  There was some mumblechatter about “this isn’t going to end well” (oh, but it did, more on that in a bit) and Mudface was bringing the effort, but had to keep stopping as his 2.0’s didn’t seem awake this morning, so he got to keep ‘encouraging’ them to move it.  Hardywood killed the Murph, and we didn’t realize he had finished the exercises until he was gone running the second mile, and perhaps a 3rd, leading to speculation that he might be a robot, or maybe he benefits from “different air” not hailing from DaVille.

After COT, YHC invited everyone to his car, and all adults were given the reward of a bottle of Guiness, while 2.0’s received PowerAde (evidently blue is a good flavor).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and thanks for letting me lead, it is always an honor.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing


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  1. It was good to be back a The Creek today! Thanks for leading today and the extra work on the St. Patrick’s Day theme, No Idea!

  2. Great Q No Idea!! The leg lifts with the potatoes absolutely crushed me. Well done brotha. Always great to see the DaVille crew. Keep on being super!

  3. The Carpenter on

    Strong Q, No Idea! I am out of town or I would’ve been there to embrace the pain you dished out. The Murph always is a smoker!