Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snow, ice, and fresh air


A frosty five fought through the snow and ice to post in mid March. We safely and slowly took on the gloom with:

COP – SSH, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks. Mosey to back field. 20 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl. Then Chicken Peckers, fail!.

Over to Basketball hoops. 5 Hand-release Merkins on 1 side, 10 HR Merkins other side. Repeato but replace Merkins with 10 WWII situps.

Down to the track . 3 sets of: 10 Derkins & 20 Benchkicks. Then introduce Tuco to Jerkin Gym. 3 sets of AMRAP Jerkins. 2 trips up Heartbreak hill, Bernie Sanders style.

Back to flag finish with Burpee Escalator- 8 up to 11 and then some Mary to close it out. Loose Goose took us out.

NMS – Tuco shared on twitter he wanted to hit the best AO in F3RVA this morning so naturally made the right choice of Heartbreak Ridge.  Nice work this morning and best of luck in your meeting here in RVA. Also great to have Angus back out after his Hibernation.

YHC was unsure what sections of the AO would not have ice, turns out nowhere was safe. Several pax enjoyed their hands slipping  during the bear crawls so that was quickly nixed. The track was a good mix of ice as well.

The only plus of the poor weather was no school buses were started with the 2 hour delay, keeping the normal diesel fumes away while we knocked out the Burpee Escalator. Loose Goose said he felt like president Skroob with the clean Virgin air. Always good to have a Spaceballs reference in the Gloom.

Atilla supported YHC by going SOP as well, aye!

Silent Assassin signing off.




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  1. Tuco, and all other NC pax, are always welcome in the Old Dominion to be closer to ACC champion level basketball. Go Hoos!

  2. Way to roll fellas, looks like you guys brought the pain. Great to have you Tuco and welcome back Angus!!

  3. Thanks for picking up the hot potato and running with it Honey Do. Also grateful that there was no tunnel of love.

  4. Solid work this morning, and good Q HoneyDo. Thanks for keeping us out of the slush and mostly away from places we were likely to crack our skulls