Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shakedown Street


Nine intrepid runners were not deterred from the cold and ice for this week’s edition of Spider Run.

The Routes:  Devil’s Pitchfork – 5 milers did three peaks, 6 milers did 4 peaks.

Marv took us out.


The roads were certainly not the slip and slide that we experienced back in January, but there was plenty of hidden ice.  Open pockets of clean roads with ice interspersed kept everyone on their toes ready to tuck and roll.  Shakedown was taken down on some of this treacherous ice, but without too much injury.


  • CSAUP – 1 month to go!  Get a team and train.  For non-runners, Team Tuckahoe is in need of a couple of Pax to run the Hoedown party zone for a couple of hours.  Let me know if you want to volunteer.
  • Great job on the Belmonte for Shakedown, Upchuck, and Honey Do.  Great accomplishment.
  • Splinter’s basketball brackets are up.  See yesterday’s Hoedown backblast for details.

Time to Taper,



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  1. With a sharp pencil in hand I have nearly filled-in my entire winning-bracket. Once I locate a stamp I will mail both the bracket and a personal check – made out to Splinter of course.

  2. Big Tennessee on

    I like it! You should fill out extra entries and mail separately to avoid confusing Splinter.

  3. I fully expect Saab to be present Thursday morning, with a smile and a money order for $10. No checks accepted.