Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Salisbury/Powderham Loop


2 runners posted to get in a few miles before the Wintry Mix descends upon us.  Conditions were excellent for a run – cool but not brutal and relatively little wind compared to recent days.

We headed up Twin Team and turned right on Brigstock into Salisbury.  Second right on Mt. Hill for the loop around back to Brigstock.  Left on Brigstock back to Ellesmere – Right on Ellesmere into Powderham.  Right on Glendower and around the curve onto Drakewood and back to Twin Team via Cawood Dr.  Down Twin Team and back to Bettie Weaver – down past the high school and back to get up to 5.1 miles.

Thanks to Rosie for posting and throttling it down today to run with YHC.  Great time as always.

Short COT and off about our day.

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