Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Post DST jog


7 stalwarts posted on a Sunday morning after the time change

The Thang;

Buttermilk to T. Pottersfield to N. Bank and Back.  Swiper and Lab Rat opted to turn back somewhere near Reedy creek to pump in 5 miles.


Great 2nd F at ET post run.  Great weekend when you can get a Saturday and a Sunday posting at Ellwoods.  Great conversation. Pretty good showing given that the 3 of the regulars were running the Bel Monte yesterday.  Congratulations to those guys on a good showing yesterday.

Thanks to Rosie for circling back for me today.  First time running for a week and I was still a little bit leg weary.  It did, however, feel great to be back on the trails, especially some familiar trails.



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  1. Sorry to miss, gents. My watch told me to take 120 hours to recover. What, am I not supposed to listen to it?

  2. I look forward to rejoining the Sunday fun next week. My knees are shot but some ice and stretching and time (not 120 hours but some time) and it will be all good. The watch thinks you are a normal man, Upchuck 😉 60 hours will be all you need.