Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ACC Championship


5 couch potatoes carved out an evening for ACC basketball and the fun fest went something like this…

COF (Circle of Fat) – All IC – 10 peanut M&Ms, 10 handfuls of Chex Mix, 3 chocolate chip cookies, 1 bowl of popcorn

ACC Basketball Death Match

2 UNC fans, 1 UVA fan, 2 neutral fans gutted out the ACC championship game with well-timed grunts, groans, disappointments and excitement.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements. (Yes, we did this…)


Spit reached out to YHC and said, “We need to watch this game together.” YHC’s M is out of town so the house was wide open for a gathering. Spit is an avid Tar Heel fan. YHC aligns with UVA since his time on grounds many, many years ago. YHC agreed to the idea with the requirement that some others could join the party. Opus, ChowDAH agreed quickly. Mudface indicated that he had to wiggle (how does Mudface wiggle out of anything?) out of an evening commitment to make it over. Some others were engaged but they turned down the offer in light of other obligations. YHC now knows that he can host a 2nd F gathering on the fly and he will open up the house to a larger crowd in the future.

The ACC championship game was highly entertaining but the conversation even more entertaining. Numerous comments were made and YHC wished that he had a running log of the ridiculous statements shared along the way. There were multiple references to gas and how “gas pumps” are more than exercises in the gloom. These oftentimes can be used to send a signal to children or dogs…

UVA pulled out the win and showed why they are a 31-2 team on the season. YHC was grateful that no Hokie fans were in the house because the predictable “we beat you” comments were left outside.

A request to go to the Barcade in Scott’s Addition came up multiple times. That may be in the (near) future for a 2ndF get-together!

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