Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fibonacci’s Beast


9 Crazy guys showed up this morning for a mathematical beatdown…  Here is what transpired…

Bear Crawl up to the picnic tables
Skull Crusher Starter — IC 25x
Wheel of Merkins on PIcnic Tables 5 each direction IC
Skull Crusher part deux IC 15x
Wheel of Merkins repeato

Crabcakes, Plank Jacks, Arm Circles, Heels to Heaven, Dying Cockroach, Pistol Squats, Side Straddle Burpees (8 count)

Fibonacci’s Beast
Run to light post, do 2 merkins, then 3, then 5, then 8, then 13, then 21 in Fibonacci sequence.
Other exercises — American Hammers, Jump Squats, WW2 situps, Smurf Jacks, Burpees

Bear Crawl relay — 3 teams of three.  1st person bear crawls to 1st curb and runs back, 2nd person to second curb and runs back, third person to 1st curb and runs back.

Back to flag — hold low merkin position for thirty seconds…

Numberama, Nameorama, Announcements, Chowdah took us out!

What a great day for a beatdown — YHC was impressed with not only this groups hustle today, but also their knowledge of the Fibonacci series of numbers!  No one really knows what date Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci) was born, but today seemed like as good a day as any to celebrate  the joyous occasion.

Highlights of this morning — watching the Carpenter totally kill these exercises, having LP back today (we missed you), trying out something new and the group really responding to it, being finished with all the burpees at the end of the fibonacci.

As always it is a pleasure to lead you all!




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  1. The Carpenter on

    Opus, you always bring some new exercises to trick our muscles and keep us honest. Well done, brother. The Fibonacci Beast was well worth the wake up!!

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