Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Get It All Out


15 super studs went from the bullpen to the mound to come save the day.  It was 70 and sunny from the start.  According to legend it went a little something like this.

Long mosey to the front of the Carillon for a COP certified to eliminate mumble chatter.


  • 10 SSH regular, 10 SSH right leg up, 10 SSH left leg up
  • 10 Hand release merkins (HRM), 10 HRM right leg up, 10 HRM left leg up
  • 20 Mark Spitz
  • 20 WWII Situp

Aaron Neville

Mosey to the rusty cage.  Complete 10 pull ups (any means necessary) then run to the fire hydrant to comeplete 1 burpee.  Repeat this until 1 pull up and 10 burpees. Mosey back to Rusty Cage

Color Me Bad

All pax hang on the rusty cage.  The first man to let go begins hand release merkins in cadence.  As men let go they join in the cadence.  Bootleg and Shakedown were the champs with Vinny “don’t call me Testaverde” taking over the cadence and bringing in till 25 HRM were completed.

Luther Vandross

For a modified dora/triple check.  One man planks, one man runs from the stage up the hill and back, the other man starts doing burpees.  Rotate as a team until 100 burpees complete.

Numberama, namerama, YHC lead us out.

Now that is how you get it all out!!  WAY TO BRING IT FELLAS!!!!  This was a monster effort and YHC threw everything but the kitchen sink at you.  Absolutely awesome!! TClaps to Handshake for his second post! Vinny has got to get some kind of award for being the fastest person to go from FNG to grizzled veteran!  Swirly was done so fast with his elevens that there’s a 50% chance he went back in time.  YHC was greatly pleased to seen the pax sharing their burpees during Color Me Bad.  In addition to a genetic defect, this makes YHC’s heart enlarged.

Go out there and be super fellas.  Normal is for chumps.



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  1. When you flex in front of your wife, think of me. Wait that came out wrong. When you are looking at yourself alone in a mirror, think of me. Crap, I mean it’s ok if you are proud of your body. But not in the weird way, but don’t be so proud that you think you can wear a speedo or something.

  2. What a beatdown, Hardywood! I am exhausted! The Elevens were no joke! Way to post again after only one day off, Handshake! Vinny can be counted on to post almost every day now. Great words and thoughts in the COT, Hardywood. You are right, Normal is not acceptable! Since I have started with you guys back in October, I have noticed that there is nothing “normal” about this group!

  3. Hardywood looks at himself in the funhouse speedo mirror he bought while antiquing. Wait, what? One of these days Vinny will make the plank excercises while waiting for the others to finish. For now, Vinny still has PTSD when he hears “recover.” Great set up today Hardywood. In the great words of Bryan Adams, Mark Calderon and Adam Emil, we do it All 4 Love.

    • Excellent. Sounds like I can plan on seeing you tomorrow at Mary. Next week is a long time away and god knows what can happen over the course of a week.

  4. I hung in longer than I expected but I’m pretty sure it was somebody else at the end with Shakedown. Maybe Kubota?

    Great workout Hardywood. Thanks for leading

  5. Nice beatdown Hardywood. There is certainly nothing normal about your workouts or about pairing A-A-RON Neville, CMB and Luther Vandross as themes/namesakes in a beatdown. I am however disappointed that this backblast did not include a clip from New Jack City or the video for I Wanna Sex You Up – why else reference Color Me Bad?

    Early 90’s rap/hip-hop. Man, those were the days. You down with O.P.P? Yeah, you know me…

  6. Well done sir. Lots of burpees and that is a good thing. Everybody loves burpees (or is that just me?) I especially liked the 11s and might have to use them in the future.

    Such an excellent way to start the day. Thank you gentlemen

    PS – I’ve never been accused of being too normal

  7. My mind is too fuzzy from the 80’s and my kids have rewritten over it with their shows. Now, “Neville” brings to mind the villain kid from iCarly. If you don’t get that reference, be thankful.

    Goonies never say die!

  8. Hardywood…”Get It All Out!” I mean damn……in the lore of F3 RVA, I was there when Gumbo uttered those words. Kubota, this is group is far from “normal” but you post, therefore you understand. Vinny-keep up the work and Handshake, outstanding!!!
    Sorry to miss the beatdown but as stated at No Toll, get it all out!!
    See you men at the gloom!!

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