Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dry fields at Hoedown for a change


A dozen, including a well connected FNG, started their week off in the Gloom. We made the most of dry ground and ample moonlight by:

COP – Invisible Jump Ropes, Don Qs, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, Flutterkicks, Helicopters.

Mosey to field- 4 Corners. 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 WWII situps, 20 Mtn Climbers. 2nd round increase by 5. 3rd round increase by 5 again. Then hit pull-up bars – 10, 8, and 6.

Triple check – Donkey Kicks, Box  jumps, run.

Head to front of school- 4 sets of 20 PLTS. Then some bear crawl for good measure. Back to flag to finish with 3 min of Mary. Wedding Singer ttok us out.

NMS – Welcome FNG Handshake. Apparently he knows several PAX but Mr Holland gets the credit since he posted with him. YHC wanted to play on the top field for a while because it has been soggy up there for the whole winter.

Keymaster and Slurpee ran to the AO, ensuring he was not lost like last week. Plush put in solid work in his 2nd week in, great to have him back out.

Apologies go to Wedding Singer as YHC asked him if he was LIFO but apparently he’d been there the whole time. He’s becoming a hoedown regular. Another apology goes to Ronnie for the PLTs that put a hurting on his injured ass.

Congrats again to TYA on his 100 miler completion this weekend. There was mumblechatter on if TYA ran his 100 miler faster than Saab’s Cloudsplitter last year.

Have a great week men!


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  1. Nice Q, Honeydo! Nice to get back on a dry field. Welcome Handshake! Welcome back, Plush! Get prepared, Wedding Singer!!? Have a great Monday!!

  2. Great Q. To be more accurate, it’s my piriformis muscle that is sprained. But given how our collective maturity regresses each time we enter the hallowed AO, in F3 parlance: my butt hurts, a lot.

    Glad to be back.

  3. Great Q Honeydo! The dry field was nice…. beats the heck out of wheelbarrowing through a pond like we did a few weeks back…

    Welcome Handshake, great name!! I think I counted 3-4 Mississippi before FNG realized Offshore had his hand extended for an introduction. That’s quite a commitment to not be left hanging Offshore, well done!

  4. Oddly bright at the darkest AO in RVA this morning. Can’t wait until we spring forward in a few weeks and the darkness is back to normal.

    Welcome Handshake, solid Q Do.

  5. To your question, yes TYA bested my time – while running under/through artillery fire…(true story)

  6. Nice Q, Honey Do. I was worried there about the lack of bear crawl until you made all right with the AO at the end.

    Welcome, Handshake. Way to kind through the first workout.

    Ronnie, next time, push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. Modify. Maybe bring a soft inflatable pillow to put down when on your six?